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what can beat Avast hardened mode?
scripts, powershells or any files which are not .exe :D
I heard emsisoft has an option that allows only safe files to run, similar to kaspersky Trusted application mode

avast should extend the list of extension support other than .exe
I'm an avast fanboy but I have to say that emsisoft is better. The only things I don't like about emsisoft are the memory usage (with/without memory optimization) and conflict with google chrome when appcontain is enabled


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Pls consider that:
- performance as detection will vary in the future
- both are great AV
- Emsi offers top protection "out of the box, very very little to tune up.....Avast needs to be configured to get higher and comparable protection.
- Avast is available as free version, of course big advantage...if you add another tool it offers what you need and for free.
- Emsi offers you 5% discount every year till you pay 40% of the original price (if memory serves).
- how risky is your "virtual" life? Are you a heavy-risky clicker? If yes, maybe Emsi can give you a little more 0-day protection with his BB, if not Avast free (tuned up) is likely enough (you can always add other free tools to cover week points in Avast or to de redundant and on the "safer, paranoid side").
- If privacy is important to you Emsi is your choice.
I'm an Advanced User I dont click or download unknown Stuff.


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Hello mate. I will talk from experience right now since i used both softwares: a license of Avast Premier i won here at the forums and an Emsisoft IS license i bought.

I first used Avast IS. What i can say about this is that the paid version of Avast didn't offer me much more protection than the free version. Firewall wasn't that great and i ended up disabling it and using CFW. Still, it had a decent protection. Was a good choice but much worth the free version. After a few problems with Avast blocking my connection to the internet i uninstalled it and tested Emsisoft and the quality was really highlighted. To start with, it was way more lighter to the system, knowing that Avast is as well light this was lighter. I was amazed when i saw the technology that let me scan my entire SSD in a matter of seconds, without compromising the detection ratio. The Behaviour Blocker and Firewall were really really accurate and precise. But you of course know this since you used Emsisoft already.

If you're asking if it's worth to not renew EIS and pay for Avast i would say you: no, don't do that. Renew Emsisoft since it is one of the best complete and effective solutions right now.
I wont pay for Avast or Emsisoft
I Just have a licence for Avast Premier
And for EIS
Idk If to Use My EIS Licence to the end or go to the Avast side.

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