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Littlebits said:
I wish top ten reviews or AV comparatives would include COMODO.
In case you may not know, Top Ten Reviews are just an advertiser site. They don't really even review products, the vendors pay to get a good review, the more they pay the better the review of their products will be.
In other words their reviews are fake.

They are much better software reviews like Cnet and Softpedia.
Of coarse the best reviews are not done by a company, user reviews and commits on download sites will give your a much better picture.

AV Comparatives will probably never test Comodo products since there was tension between them in the past that was never resolved.


Thank you, I didn't know that. I guess it's safe to stay away from that site for ANY kind of software reviews. Since it's basically a contest to see who can pay the most money to get number one. In that case Kaspersky for sure deserves to be put ahead of Bitdefender. I think it's so much better.

I wonder how much Bitdefender is paying for the number one spot, haha.

I am never going to that site again, :lolz: