Which is the Best Windows version you've ever use in your life.

  • Windows 95(August 24, 1995)

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  • Windows 98(May 15, 1998)

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I'm old enough to remember Windows 3.0 and 3.1

It seems very basic these days. But it was simple, elegant and ahead of its time.

It did the job that people wanted it to do and nothing else. And because the hardware it ran on was limited, it was very light on system resources.
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Should have added some of the older versions such a 3.0 as well as ME and Vista.
I have tried them all from 95 forward but by far it is Windows 10 for me also for the same reasons as in the quote below.
Windows 10 by far, faster and safer.
Other than that it would be XP and 7
Took a long time to move from XP to 7 but after making the move I would put 7 second to 10.


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Windows 10! At least with my computer worked really smoother than win 8.1
And also next comes the windows xp, for me at least. User friendly and i think it's one of the most practical versions of win. :coffee::coffee::coffee::p:):)


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Windows 10. I just wished they would leave my beloved Control Panel alone, and not try and turn it into a childish mess of stupid settings pages. And what idiot thought it was a good idea to remove the ok and apply buttons from settings pages, should be severely punished.
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