Level 1
Hey. Here's that video, in case any of you were interested in watching it. I was surprised in how well it did, especially for a free version. I didn't see any crashes/BSODs like I have in other videos. I did however notice that it failed in detecting 10 phising sites on Edge, Chrome, and Firefox, and that it failed to detect a few files that Malwarebytes picked up. Perhaps running BD Free, along with a few second-opinion scanners, wouldn't be too bad.


Level 57
It's looking pretty good but there are 2 things I hate about it:
1) it doesn't have a button for manual update of antivirus database. So on first install, you need to wait for it to update itself, whenever that happens...
It updates quickly on startup, and then about every couple of hrs. or so.
2) it doesn't have the option for a quick scan
but you may drag and drop any file or folder into GUI to scan. It also has context menu scan option.

I suppose one either loves or hates a fully automatic AV like BD.