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Signer Extractor v1.0


Signer Extractor is a simple program designed for Windows that lets you extract the signer (usually the Vendor) that digitally signed a portable executable (PE) file (e.g. EXE, DLL, SYS). This is useful to know all the signers present in your system (or on a specific folder or partition) and build a complete list of 'Trusted Vendors' to use/import within third-party security software or within specific security policies.
You can use this tool to build a list of "Trusted Vendors" by scanning your system partition and then you can import them on EXE Radar Pro v4 "Trusted Vendors" list.

Product page & download:
Extract All Signers (Trusted Vendors) from Your PC with Signer Extractor | NoVirusThanks


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@NoVirusThanks Andreas some features requests

Great to have a list of signers, but . . .

It would be nice to also know where the signer was seen (file location of the executable). Could this be included in the export?

It would be great to have an export which builds an allow (trusted vendor) list for OS_Armor

Regards Kees

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