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Hi Raul,

Having more than one security product installed on the same PC will cause incompatibility issues and the normal action of either one of them is not guaranteed.
In time they start scanning each other’s files, blocking them and the system will slow down or even crash.

Even if they are turned off, there are some active processes running or drivers loaded in the background.
That is why we recommend running only one security solution on a computer.

A slow boot may indeed be caused by the anti-malware processes/drivers that try to load at startup. Usually security solutions processes are written to load amongst the first at startup. If there are 2 or more processes, there will be a conflict between them when trying to start.
Thus a test with several security solutions installed is affected and can be considered inconclusive.

In order to check this specific situation, please reply to the opened ticket that you have with our support team. Also, let's please move this discussions on the Bitdefender forum. If you are encountering issues trying to access the forum, please send us your IP (via the opened ticket) so we can check it and pinpoint the exact cause of the situation.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Have a wonderful day!
Thanks for the reply Mirabela. I will reply in email and in the ticket that has been opened. Still have to recover the partition with BD installed and may have the time next week.


For those that have issues with BD the email I used was: bitsy@bitdefender.com
They replied via: bdsupport@bitdefender.com

BD sent me a download for the BD support collector. I am sharing this here so others may know:


I also want to share info that they sent me on creating logs that may be of help to the community:


. Save the Bitdefender_Supporttool tool to a location of your choice:

. Double-click on the The_New_Bitdefender_SPT.exe file (if you are using Vista or Windows 7, right-click on the The_New_Bitdefender_SPT.exe application file and select "Run as Administrator");
. Fill in the required information and press the "Next" button (make sure you use a valid email address and include a detailed description of the issue you are encountering);
NOTE! If you want to reproduce the issue and enable additional logging you will have to restart the computer and then use the Support Tool again after reproducing the issue to complete the data gathering;
. A file will be created on your desktop (BDSP_*)...

a) Go to this page
http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb963902.aspx and download the autoruns file.
b) Extract the contents of the downloaded file and run the 'autoruns.exe' file;
c) Wait for the list to be filled with all the processes and then make sure that you have the Everything tab selected in the upper part;
d) Click on the Disk icon right under File and chose any location folder on your computer;
e) Save the file with a specific name (your name, computer name, a random name, which one you want)...


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Ah, so it was the cause of the sudden internet slows/disconnects as well! :mad:
Yes this has been ongoing and I verified it myself!
I use IDM for downloads and when I was evaluating BD I noticed it would keep using bandwidth even when the download finished!:mad:
It ocurred with both the IS version and the AV version of the product!
I quickly uninstalled it;)


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Well now, after considering the valued tests, opinions, & hands on experiences everyone has contributed & put forth here, it appears my 6 month key for Bitdefender AV 2014 shall remain sealed in it's e-mail, unopened & unused, ...forever!;):D
Thanks to you all!:)


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Hi guys,

Have not been around lately as I have more work in the office(working in manufacturing). Just a quick update. I have just recovered a system image and have installed again BD IS. The issues that I have encountered when I first tried it out are the same. I would like to inform you that I have sent the details and images to BD support and will be waiting for the reply. I will share whatever relative info here so others may know. Let's see what BD will say about the same issues encountered and possible solutions they will give me.

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Back here to share some of the info from BD support.

........one of the security solutions installed alongside Bitdefender has real-time protection, which causes the indicated behavior. Use only one antivirus program: do not get fooled by the simple idea of installing two or more antivirus programs at once. ......As this will cause much more memory and CPU usage and software conflicts, including a delayed boot time. Please uninstall Shadow Defender
Although I did not have any issues with SD even it was a startup item (when this partition had Outpost Firewall Pro v9 and NOD32 AV) and even when AutoRuns and Emsisoft HJFree indicated that it does not start during Windows boot, I uninstalled Shadow Defender to check if this is really a cause. After reboot the behavior was the same. See image below.

Then,......go to Logon tab and here uncheck: "iReboot 1.1.1.lnk", "Google Chrome" and "Shadow Defender Daemon..
-- I did uncheck Google Chrome but not iReboot as I need it and because I do not believe it to be the cause. Have been running with iReboot since I started dual-booting going towards multi-boot and never had issues with boot time speed. This is ridiculous!

Also......make sure the Wallet is OFF on the Bitdefender interface, then run Autoruns, and untick the following entries from the 'Everything' tab: "Bitdefender Wallet Agent", "Bitdefender Wallet Application Agent",
-- I have already done that but Emsisoft HJFree still shows it as an autorun item. AutoRuns does not show it.

As for the Bitdefender forums restriction, be advised that we couldn't locate your username based on the offered IP address. Please provide us with:

- your Member's Log In User Name
- Member's Display Name
-- It is because I am not a member of the BD forums YET. I wanted to but I still get this, http://videobam.com/mxsmJ

The other issues I stated had no reply yet. Among them are:

1. Firewall DENY rule not working (seen in post#1)
2. Block a browser launch triggered by an application (seen in Reply#11)
3. Slowdown especially when launching programs/applications and even explorer.exe
4. GRC Shields UP Ping Fail (seen in post#1)

Will be back when I have a reply from BD support.
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XXX.XX* was blocked back in 2010. We have removed the entry from the forum database. Please clean the cache and cookies from the browser and you should be able to access the Bitdefender forums now.
-- No wonder that I cannot access the BD forums. They blocked it way back 2010. They did not notice that perhaps and may have forgotten it. No wonder in my area they do not use BD(mostly because of support and it's heavy in the system etc). I have now been able to register now and will post there. I will post inputs from there here in MT. This where this has started and I will update whatever info is relevant.

Also, it's a known fact that after installing any security solution (not only Bitdefender) the boot time increases. You can slightly improve the boot time by disabling some application to load at system startup, as explained in the previous email.
-- It is also a known fact that before I started this endeavor I had no boot speed time issues. I have tried Emsisoft IS / Outpost Pro + Nod32, EAM + Comodo and AviraFree + Comodo firewall but I had not any issues with boot time speed. The slowest I had was I think 34 or 39 sec. It's shown here also in the images attached and in some of the threads here in this subforums. I was reluctant to uninstall Shadow Defender but did it so I will see what will happen but ti's still the same. The boot speed time never went down beyond 50+sec. It would be 54 or 57 or 1+min! This clearly is a BD issue on this system.

As for the other questions, it would be better to post them on the Bitdefender forums as the boards are also visited by Bitdefender developers. They will be able to offer you more details in regards to your queries.
-- I was hoping that there would be more from support since I am directly dealing with BD Technical Support. But it seems that I will be passed-on to the BD forums. I was hoping for more assistance especially on firewall DENY rule which seems to be not working).

Posted at the BD forums earlier but as of the moment there are no replies. Still waiting.
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BitDefender is horrible.
True... I actually uninstalled BD and using Norton.... Yeah, i know what you're going to say about Norton but in my case it has performed
with no issues at all. No pop-ups, light on resources, easy to configure if you like but i just use the default settings and 1 or 2 different options. And i have a 180 day FREE license...


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True... I actually uninstalled BD and using Norton.... Yeah, i know what you're going to say about Norton but in my case it has performed
with no issues at all. No pop-ups, light on resources, easy to configure if you like but i just use the default settings and 1 or 2 different options. And i have a 180 day FREE license...
"I know what you are going to say about norton"

I have no idea what you mean, I freaking love norton..... it is really good.


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Back here to report that I have had replies on my posts at BD forums. I will summarize the replies(if my issues are solved or not) when I get more information. BD support did not reply anymore via email. The only reply I got from BD customer service is that they are asking me to undergo a survey nothing else. Seems the tech support engineer who was formerly helping me out left me to dry in the BD forums.