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Aug 17, 2014
Source: Chrome 87 released with fix for NAT Slipstream attacks, broader FTP deprecation | ZDNet

Google has released today version 87 of its Chrome browser, a release that comes with a security fix for the NAT Slipstream attack technique and a broader deprecation of the FTP protocol.

Todays' release is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS. Users can update to the new version via Chrome's built-in update utility.

While in previous versions, Google has shipped some changes to Chrome settings and UI elements, almost all the major new Chrome 87 features are aimed at web developers.

In Chrome 87, we have new APIs and updates to Chrome's built-in Developer Tools, such as:
  • Support for the new Cookie Store API;
  • New features to allow easier modification of web fonts via CSS;
  • A new feature to let websites enumerate all the locally installed fonts
  • Support for pan, tilt, and zoom controls on webcam streams; and,
  • Support for debugging WebAuthn operations via the Chrome DevTools.
Chrome 87 also comes with a fix for a new attack disclosed at the end of October by Samy Kamkar, a famous security researcher and computer hacker.

Named NAT Slipstream, this technique allows attackers to bypass firewalls and make connections to internal networks by tricking users into accessing malicious sites — effectively turning Chrome into a proxy for attackers.

Chrome 87 will be the first browser to block NAT Slipstream attacks by blocking access to ports 5060 and 5061, which the attack uses to bypass firewalls and network address translation (NAT) schemes.

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