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Does this mean ublock origin is here to stay
I believe so! I think Google quickly realized that the backlash that they were getting due to their proposed changes would have cost them a lot of users IMO. If the extension was still available on Firefox and if Google still went ahead with this change, a lot of people would have jumped ship over to Firefox. It's pretty amazing actually how 1 or 2 extensions can make or break a browser's overall usage.


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It is not a surprise that Google is trying to cripple adblockers, after all ads (AdWords) is its primary business.
With its native adblocker and Extension Manifest V3, Google would have a lot of control and power, so I am glad to see that the deceit didnt prevail.


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I figured push would come to shove for Google. They're showing a hint of desperation with their software deals to install their PUA browser, and the desperate sounding survey when you go to uninstall. They know Brave and others are catching on. They may control a lot of territory, but not all of it!


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Are you all ready for a browser without content blocker extensions? If Chrome wants them eliminated it'll have it and Mozilla will follow suit.

Are you using a browser now without any content blocker extension? A browser with some built-in content blocking like Brave, Chrome, Firefox etc. When Manifest V3 is implemented then the built-in content blocking of the browser will be enhanced which means user tracking by the browser will be furthered. May have to resort to using Adguard for Desktop, BlackFog Privacy or Blokada for Desktop (if there's one)

Like to hear some inputs from users what's their browsing life is without the content blocker extensions?



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I use Adguard software not the extension. My bet is that other software blockers wil appear if there is no change on this proposal.

Anyway I always thought it's a good idea to have something external to your browser doing a system-wide filtering. No ads on any software.