Chrome's Media Control widget gets finally a Mute button


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Aug 17, 2014
The latest Google Chrome Canary version introduces support for a mute button to mute/unmute media that plays in Chrome without having to switch to tabs anymore to change the state using the media player element on the page.
The new mute feature brings back the individual tab-based audio muting capabilities, albeit in a different form and a central location.

The new mute option of the media control feature of Chrome is in the state of being rolled out to all Canary users. You may unlock it right away by setting the preference chrome://flags/#global-media-controls-modern-ui to Enabled. The new mute option should be visible after a restart then.

Chrome displays controls for each audio playback source in the interface; this means, that you get multiple mute options for these, but no global mute option in the controls.