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I'd say Avast Free for protection. (Been protected with it alone for the past years..) Zemana Anti-Malware Free as a good on demand scanner. Smart surfing habits and you really do not need anything else. :)
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I would just run Kaspersky Internet Security with Trusted Applications Mode turned on and call it a day, if anything gets by I doubt that ANY security solution would make a difference at all (except Shadow Defender and similars).

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" and that is "even more true" when we are running Kaspersky.


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KIS alone plus some good sense, that's more than enough to protect the average user. There's little to no gain in combining 4 security software. It can cause conflicts, slowdowns or cost more $$ than what is really needed. Maybe you could add ZAM, or VS or HMP, but they're not really necessary.


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Looking lightweight and small hips .-), an independent not anti-exe. Yet freeware or lifetime license no comodo something small unassuming.Rehips also does not look bad either AppLocker but I wanted to just hips.

Try SpyShelter or NVT ERP is not hips but this anti-exe is rly solid