Emsisoft AM + Comodo FW or Kaspersky Internet Security?

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When you uninstall KIS it will ask you if you want to keep license details.
If you want to try the Emasisoft Antimalware & Comodo Firewall combo unistall KIS but keep the licensing details.
Then give EAM & CFW a go and if you don't like it you can always reinstall KIS for the remainder of your license.
The only way to know for sure is to try it out since most have personal preferenceds about software.


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nothing can stand against a great detection rate + Comodo Firewall :)

you will have the bests in your hands ;)
True. With Comodo, you can change your mind about detection any time and be ready for anything. Very good free options too in avast/Bitdefender/360 Total Security...and others. Emsisoft should work great.

lately, I find it very difficult to combo an AV with comodo fw. only avast didn't give me trouble. AVG/BD/Avira had various issues running along with CFW.
Ran into this with the internet extension for 360. It doesn't work, because Comodo sandboxes the extension app when the browser starts (it requires a run-time connection with the actual 360 TS program to work->hence the script). This blocks the functionality of the extension.

No way to bypass, because the event is hooked to script monitoring in Comodo HIPs, and not a good idea to turn that off. Exclusions don't work for scripts, because with each initialization of Chrome, 360 extension creates a randomly named tmp script that Comodo converts to a randomly named file in a Comodo folder named Tempscrpt. So there is a new tempscrpt file for each initialization, and it is automatically unknown. Scripts are handled outside the normal rules dialog of HIPs with Comodo FW/CIS. The perpetual HIPs block of scripts is a well known bug though, and I think they will fix the problem soon enough.

No problems with avast.

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I would choose EAM + CF in you situation because you only have 2 months left of your KIS license, even less than a 90-day trial
if you don't have a key for EAM, I'm happy to recommened a free AV + CF

EAM + CF can run smoother. My laptop was sluggish during the years of using KIS until I switched to another AV (avast)
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Both have very good protection and it's secondary components.

On most cases, some users prefer the setup of Comodo Firewall especially due to autosandbox feature compare to Application Control of Kaspersky.

The Application Control of Kaspersky has some issues when not configured correctly, so you need to determine inch by inch on rulesets.


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I currently have Emsisoft AM, SpyshelterFW, and hitmanpro.alert, and I feel it offers a high level of protection. Used to have ComodoFW, but it impacts performance too much in my opinion (ie..system startup and general usage) SpyShelter is really light, offers a high level of protection, and you get all the anti-logger features.