App Review Comparative : F-Secure vs Bitdefender vs ESET vs Kaspersky

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May 29, 2021
Amazing Thank you. Now I will going to install them all on my Packard Bell 386SX

I would love to use Kaspersky but they are on my own personal embargo list do to the actions that are not their own. Secondly, last time I used it (2018) I found it heavy on my system.
In my house f-secure safe is used in 3 machines and one of my two main machines has Kaspersky Internet Security, the other has f-secure safe, and has had it for almost 3 years. Kaspersky is a fast program on my machine, and I don't think it's slower than f-secure or anything else I've tested. I'm just waiting for the new program for Kaspersky in Norway. It is positive that Kaspersky came out so well in the test. (y)


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Jan 21, 2018
This is an overdue thank you from me for your AV videos. I do appreciate how much time and editing is probably involved. The end result here is as always very interesting and well put together; and of course the reviews and comparisons are really good.


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May 29, 2021
Hello and welcome to this comparison!
Following a big request, I decided to make this comparison.

Small precision: The antivirus have not been configured, only the detection of suspicious applications has been activated on Eset, because I had some. Otherwise the rest is by default, just to put them in a situation of a computer novice.
Then, there was NO pause! The URLs and packages are the same for the 4 antivirus programs tested and were tested in the same way.
And finally, the shooting took me 4 hours with 1 hour of editing. The antiviruses are already classified during the editing.

F-Secure : F-Secure is a very good antivirus and provides a decent protection.
Unfortunately, it is 4th because it let through the Magniber Ransomware which encrypted my test files and several files of the virtual machine.

Bitdefender: Bitdefender provides a more family friendly protection due to its numerous shields. However, I noticed a drop in web detection (its anti-malware shield was very solicitous) which lowers the score. Then, its BB is excellent, but reacts a little late on scripts. Finally, NPE detected a malware that Bitdefender recognizes, but failed to remove it. It is 3rd.

Eset: Less shield than the others, but very powerful, it's Eset!
Eset impressed me in this test, due to an excellent database, and has the luxury to catch up with all my scripts!
It is 2nd because Eset does not have pro-active shields, and let pass a fake crack file, which installed multitudes of files (which were blocked by Eset). You can see it during the analysis.

Kaspersky : Kaspersky becomes the number 1 of this comparison! It is ultra complete, has several shields and its Watcher system is powerful. Very efficient because it also erased the dropper of the fake crack and also several files during the execution of the pack!

@franz and @TedCruz request

Is there a way to secure against Magniber Ransomware with f-secure safe as you see it?


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May 26, 2014
If I can get a download link, yes :)

There is none, it will be incredible hard to test Google Play Protect and similars.

VirusTotal is now a Google product, so we can assume that its "good" score is because it is taking info from VirusTotal itself to reach a criteria.


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I guess I was wondering if the extension would still work well with Chromium Edge? I guess this is only an on-demand file scanner. Sorry

Edit; Found their second Extension that seems to work good with Edge. You login to VT and get a free API key and add that to your extension. It Really works well during a download. But it seems if the file is zipped VT wont show anything. Online Virus Scanner
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