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Bought a new cheapo laptop and this one I don't have to share with my wife so I decided to play a bit and go with the Mac look. Havent worked on or touched a mac in years. I forgot how...efficient it was just having a doc. Then I added some expose and launcher features as well :)



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Here, my two favorite customizers: Winstep Nexus docker (a free software) and Rainmeter "Gadgets" skin, courtesy of DeviantArt. I hide the desktop shortcuts and taskbar. :sick:

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I think taskbars should be at the top of the screen it feels more natural than having them on the bottom but that's just my personal opinion and preference. I've got a Mac and it's an absolute pleasure to use. All the desktops shared in this thread look really good though.


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I have added TranslucentTB, it is a nice touch, since Windows color theme just does not fit, no matter what.


Sometimes I run Wallpaper Engine with music (+screensaver) and just watch it (I love colours, since everything and everyone seems so gray).