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  • Emsisoft Anti-Malware

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Level 3
Not enough resources indeed, Expertise, they have it. The lead dev is among the best dev in the planet.
The guy hobby is to reverse ransomware to such a successful extent that his life is threatened by criminals.
Long time ago, he even bypassed a very popular security soft in less than 5mn and gave its dev a fix for free LOL.
So no, they don't lack expertise, just the cash.
But expertise for me means combined strength/proficiency of all developers.

Each company may have 2 brilliant devs but they simply will not match the 100+ (average) devs of a bigger corporation....(of course, there are some specific aspects where they may be excellent).

Mahesh Sudula

Level 17
Kick out Bull guard completely from PAID AV..similar to Panda ( even worst).
Emsisoft wins..BB is much stronger with mediocre BD + Engine A strong Pup protection.
However, I seen its Pro active capabilities went a lot downhill with no improvements!

But Emsi kicks BG into bin


Level 3
Well here is a new thing, Ashampoo Company which basically makes different types of softwares, used the interface and signature engine of Bitdefender in their previous version, meaning it was a total bitdefender software with only name replaced with Ashampoo, and as of its latest version of AV they are using interface of Emsisoft Anti Malware, meaning it is a total Emsisoft software with only name replaced with Ashampoo. In both the cases they were/ are getting Bitdefender signature based engine with now additionally more support from emsisoft product.

Ashampoo Anti-Virus was never based on BD SDK. First version was implementation of Avira, second version (2016) was implementation of Emsisoft Anti-Malware with custom UI (SDK based), and third version (current) is a complete rebrand of Emsisoft (except licensing components which are in-house Ashampoo).

My experience has been that in the past Ashampoo used to detect less than Emsisoft for no particular reason. This should not be an issue with the current version as it is a complete rebrand of Emsi, but one may have a look and see.


Level 23
I installed it with curiosity. It is almost the same as emisi, but adds a shortcut that introduces its product. The UI also has a link to evaluate the software. The trial period is 10 days, shorter than emisi.

The impression that security software is used for their company's advertising remains strong. Ashampoo felt really business enthusiastic.


Level 3
Buddy Ashampoo never used avira engine, in past i had used ashampoo antivirus and it only used bitdefender and emsisoft engine, below is the proof for you for the 2014 version of ashampoo.
Check Ashampoo AV from 2007-2008, used Avira engine and signatures. They switched to Emsisoft around 2010.

Here's a post from old times that details the history.



Level 3
People are not sure in the forum whether ashampoo used avira version or not, i can say this because i have personally used ashampoo antivirus and it also showed at that time which file it used to download like for example emalware, imalware, espyware which are the files from bitdefender.
For more information I will get back to you from the ashampoo support soon.
I am sure, because I had used the Avira version. But this is 12 years ago. Not sure if even the company will have it on record.


Level 3
My eyes! One of the worst GUIs if not the worst. But I guess it was OK at that time if not fascinating 😂
I didn't think it was so bad GUI wise at the time. Especially compared to eScan, AVG, trend micro and Dr. Web at that period.

If I recall this program had a lot of Ashampoo's own development efforts and certain things did not work properly on release (for e.g. heuristics in on access scanner and adware/spyware detection which was fixed in later releases).

It had like 3 or 4 guys developing it, I thought it was a good technical effort.

The Emsisoft SDK version had far less bugs but eventually ashampoo couldn't keep up with Emsisoft on engine and driver upgrades. A lot of issues on Windows 10 resulted in Ashampoo pulling the program and issuing the Emsisoft rebrand which I guess needs far less maintenance and resources to maintain...