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a job eventually boils down to money right & i posted a picture of money in reply to @DJ Panda's query about your emsisoft connection.
Yes indeed, but not the main motivation, so just posting your "guess" with some bills before i even replied is misplaced to me. Btw, i dont recall you being my speaker, and the question was destined to me, not you. thank you.


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Jun 21, 2017
I look at the story more as a joke, not as a creativity lack.

in the business world you do not joke about the name of your company, especially coming from the ceo it does not reflect +vely to clients.

companies give the utmost importance to their brand & their brand value. when a ceo jokes / mocks his own brand it is real sad imo.

firms & companies actually pay professionals to think of a name for their product that would create brand value globally.

as far as emisoft goes it seems like the name was finalized in a hotchpotch, but then again to each his own.


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Jun 21, 2017
Yes indeed, but not the main motivation, so just posting your "guess" with some bills before i even replied is misplaced to me.

i was not guessing. i was absolutely sure that you are in it for the money. why get so worked up when what i said is true?

Btw, i dont recall you being my speaker, and the question was destined to me, not you. thank you.

will keep that in mind mod.

a post just above mine actually commented on the same but you seemingly like that proxy reply & single out my post to take offense, unfair.

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in the business world you do not joke about the name of your company, especially coming from the ceo it does not reflect +vely to clients.
Are you saying that, if more existing/new Emsisoft users will find out (if they haven't already) how the company got its name, will uninstall/stop recommending it now, just because of it's name origin? :ROFLMAO: Lets just move on, I understand what you are talking about, but personally I don't care how the company is called, that won't stop me from giving them my hard earned cash what they deserve for protecting my PC, as long as the product works how it's advertised. (y)
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Sep 26, 2015
i send them all reports and files to diagnose false positives, congratulations @Umbra great job in the great family emsi. although, I still dont know what mean the initials E.M.S.I .

Its already explained
Christian Mairoll, Emsisoft’s founder and visionary.
His initials were the inspiration for the brand’s name. That’s “Emsi”: “MC”, hence “Emsi”.


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Sep 28, 2015
I'm glad I make use of the ignore function when appropriate, so I don't have to endure mindless babble.

Going by the answers I get the drift, though. For what it's worth, Emsisoft could call themselves NoodleSoup, Inc. and I'd grab it anyways if it does what it's supposed to do.

I also can't see the problem with @Umbra and his employment. It's not like he is secretly being paid for tooting their horn on the forum. He has given full disclosure, it's even right under his name for all to see. Heck, we all need to eat and if he can manage to grab a job in a field he loves I'm happy for him.


Voted "yes" but the word "like" doesn't really apply. I rely and depend on Emsisoft since a couple of years and have the utmost respect for the personnel who have responded to my at-times goofy questions with the same courtesy and thoughtfulness as the more serious issues. It's a package deal.

The useful links list is comprehensive now, thanks.


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Apr 24, 2016
At the moment working with Emsisoft Support on my update issues, but I got from @Fabian Wosar an interesting link through Twitter:
Emsisoft Anti-Malware update log: https://tasks.emsisoft.com/info/updatelog/antimalware/

Edit: and my update problems are solved.
There was a corrupt logs.db3 file.
Stopping EAM's protection and renaming that file was the solution.
Great support from Emsisoft (y)
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Jun 9, 2013


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May 3, 2015
I used EMSIsoft Internet Security until Windows 10 was released and their firewall had a lot of trouble with it. The few times I contacted their support I received quick answers and their support staff was really good and interested in hearing and trying to solve my problems. Unfortunately I couldn't wait until they solved the firewall problems and changed products.

If they had a more competitive pricing policy in my country I would certainly consider returning to it when my current Kaspersky license is over. Right now buying a license for it costs about 1/3 more than buying a similar Bitdefender Internet Security license for instance.


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Jan 27, 2017
I consider Emsisoft the best and most safest AV to run. Emsisoft is generally the only AV I have put on my network that wasn't sufficiently hijacked to either use it to spy or to brick itself. I feel this is because Emsisoft is well designed, uses SSL for all communications and is hardened against most attacks. Also the distributed jurisdiction development of it is really good. Pretty tough to send national security letters or threaten a dispersed company! Emsisoft sends very little data out, which is another huge benefit.

Honestly? This may be hyperbole, but I think it's silly to run any other AV.. Forticlient is my other choice assuming you DO have a Fortigate Appliance AND Sandbox onsite. (which I do) If not, run Emsisoft and throw away those Norton and Trends.

I should put Emsisoft on my DMZ and see if they can either subvert it and use it to spy on me, or brick it like they've done to every other one. Gdata went down in flames a few days ago. :cry: Then I can bug Umbra and Fabian about it. (y)

My only recommendations for Emsisoft are they continue to examine hardening methods for their product and update system to avoid hijacking of it (if it's even possible right now). Also that they examine a more competitive pricing scheme. "Family" packages or unlimited licenses are a must these days, we all have like 10-20 devices or something and need better/larger packages for better pricing. For me to buy Emsisoft I would need 12 desktop/server/laptop licenses and 12 mobile device licenses. (tablets, phones, etc).. You can see how this gets really expensive unless a company offers unlimited device family licenses or bigger packages for cheaper. Or even look into a monthly subscription like most of the other AV's do now. I wouldn't even blink if I could get a multi-device license subscription for $5 a month or something.
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May 13, 2017
How does EAM check out the licence? I wanted to try out something, but it says, that the trial has expired. I have never installed EAM on this setup before and I have clean installed Windows on 14-Nov-17, obviously less than 30 days ago. I guess, that disabled Windows Event Log might have something to do with that. :unsure:


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