App Review ESET Internet Security vs KASPERSKY Standard

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May 10, 2019
This times 1,000,000. ESET is very expensive and unlike Kaspersky or BD they want to lock you into regional pricing and limit license activations. Before I've had a cheap Smart Security/Internet Security license from eBay and it was good for one activation only then they cancelled the license, no more installs and the license were no longer valid. No other AV company acts this way, it's really disappointing because it's such a good product even Kaspersky lets you activate a cheap Total Security license bought from anywhere and it even upgrades you to the latest version of it's software.
This is not accurate, my friend. Kaspersky is the most restrictive when it comes to activation, and they have regional prices and key for speific regions. If you buy Kaspersky from eBay, it is a gamble and the license will most likely get blocked in less than a month.

As for Eset, I do agree that it is insanely expensive, but illegal keys flooded the internet. Even a google search will get you 10 keys. It is their right to block illegal keys, but that in no way does justify their pricing.

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Dec 2, 2016
If you buy Kaspersky from eBay, it is a gamble and the license will most likely get blocked in less than a month.
I've found it to be the opposite to be true 🤔, eBay keys work for the period they are valid for. Never had a key blocked or geo-restricted key for Kaspersky 😎, ESET on the other I have I got 1 activation and no more after that just invalid license because I reinstalled my OS 😡. Not talking about pirated keys that's different but a legit ESET key still cost me double what Kaspersky did, though this was a few years ago so it might have changed 🤪.


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Apr 7, 2022
It's not exactly free. It's a 30 days trial. I use it once after a clean windows install just to disable the scripts and then uninstall it.



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Jun 18, 2022
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