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Sep 7, 2021
Version 17 is now available on the pre-release update channel. Official release should be out in a couple of days according to ESET.

First difference I've noticed is that it now has a Browser Privacy and Security extension for most browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge). Main features include:
  • Secure search;
  • Browser cleanup (Browsing history, Download history, Cookies and website data, Cached images and files, Passwords and sign-in data, Form autofill data);
  • Advanced cookie settings (select which sites get to keep cookies);
  • Website settings review (manage website permissions, e.g. notifications).
This is what it looks like on the EIS main window:

And also a new entry under Browser Protection in advanced settings:

I, personally, don't like this idea since meddling with the browser never ends well. An extension with this degree of access to a browser is asking for trouble (besides, most of that is already available on Firefox and Brave anyway, maybe it's a plus for Chrome users). SSL scanning is already intrusive enough, and since v16 Secure All Browsers is a default option which I don't like using (I still have scrambled keyboard input issues with Firefox when using it).

Everything else looks the same, but there's no changelog yet, so there is certainly more.


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Sep 7, 2021
Found some extra information about the upcoming release:
With ESET home products v17 and Endpoint v11 just around the corner (program update to v17 is already available on the pre-release update channel), you can look forward to features like Browser Privacy & Security with Safe Search or Browser Cleanup as well as a new tier product ESET Security Ultimate which will bring VPN as an addition to existing features for a start. Last but not least, we are excited to tell you that next year we're going to substantially improve the HIPS-based Deep Behavior Inspection, Ransomware shield, scanning on multicore processsor systems, etc.
There's a new option with a VPN incoming.

Edit: from Firefox add-ons page:

Some features already tied to this Ultimate edition. Ehh.....
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Jun 4, 2016
I think they are filling it with a lot of features that are unnecessary in my opinion, like norton kaskersky and other applications to transfer their share of the market.

eset what business do you have with vpn? Please do your job and focus only on security. soon there will be an eset cleaner that will clean everything super clean.


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Mar 16, 2019
I, personally, don't like this idea since meddling with the browser never ends well. An extension with this degree of access to a browser is asking for trouble
Can't say much about other features as I haven't tried the new ESET yet but I think for the safe search function, extension is the safest method out of all. AFAIK, one of the other ways to have safe search without extension is to inject a script into the webpage by the AV. This is something Kaspersky does when users don't enable their extension. But apparently this has slight performance delay as the browser have to wait for Kaspersky to inject the script. Same for Adguard for Desktop app. Both work without extension (sometimes K's safe search doesn't) but they prefer their users to use the extension. With extensions installed, the browser and the product communicates in a faster and safer way.
You can see that Bitdefender probably uses a different method. Neither extension nor script injection (it seems that way) and BD users know how broken their safe search function is. Barely works for anyone.
Safe search and VPNs are two things are requested by many casual users on the ESET forum. I also saw many such users moved to other products from ESET due to this. So ESET finally succumb to this to give users more reasons to pay for their ESSP version.

Anthony Qian

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Apr 17, 2021

The lowest impact on system resources​

ESET is constantly working on faster and better detection. In recent comparative tests, ESET had the cyber security product with the lowest impact on system resources, allowing computers to perform other tasks more quickly.
is a new feature... :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

Anyway, I am looking forward to the V18 which is expected to have "substantial" improvement in HIPS-based Deep Behavior Inspection, and Ransomware shield...


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Apr 25, 2013
ESET Security 17.0.13 (Early Access)
1, Browser Privacy & Security with a browser extension
2, Extended interactive firewall dialog options
3, Under-the-hood improvements and fixes
A complete changelog will be available with the official release of v17 within Nov 2023.



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May 3, 2015
ESET needs to add some preset HIPS configurations. The average user has no idea HIPS is there and those who even know don't bother to learn how it works and in the end lose the protection of one of its most interesting and powerful features.

Make some common presets, even make them on by default if they don't require user intervention Make the others easy to turn on from configuration or even the installation wizard, remembering the average user is most likely to click next and not even check what the installer is asking.

As long as they don't do that, for most home users it will be as if the HIPS isn't even there.

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