Eset SS vs Norton IS vs Avira IS

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Avira is the stronger one regarding detection (lacks on other domains such as clean-up) but if that isn't really important i should advice eset out of the three...


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Due to past experiences with Norton it automatically is at the bottom for me.
As for among Avira and Eset , eset is faster but avira has better detection


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And what would you be comparing, feature-to-feature, detection, prevention, removal, performance, cost etc?

If you've chosen AVIRA over ESET and Norton, why would it any different to add Bitdefender and Kaspersky, also you've already eliminated ESET, so consequently it should be excluded.

FYI: Scroll to the bottom and where it displays "Possibly Related Threads...", it shows related A vs B threads.


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Well, If your reply was considering my post then Mr. Earth, here's y..
1) I havn't excluded Eset..chck my post. Its Avira,Bitdefender,Kaspersky and Eset.
2)I've chosen avira cuz i've used it for too long and it offers solid protection. I havn't tried the new 2013 av products of bitdefender and kaspersky. That's y i asked for that comparison.

I don't mean to offend or disrespect u in any way sir,but tht's just my 2 cents...


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well if i had to choose it would be eset but off topic it you don't wana pay go for cis or avast free then you can go for malwarebyte or hitman pro as on demand scanner :)


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Norton Internet Security is good in use because i use it and it is easy to use and it have good result also.

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I would say ESET. If you need a reason just scroll up
I just hate norton because of my experiences. Its real time is actually pretty good but the scanning and detection is just complete in my experience

I use comodo internet security free, Emsisoft emergency kit, MBAM, MBAR, and spybot search and destroy


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yeah for some reason i still have that 'ugh, norton-slow' feeling of the past however that's not justified anymore...

Still a bit too fancy gui on my behalf...
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