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Internet threats are evolving quickly. Trust an antivirus solution that anticipates and adapts to online criminals who employ constantly changing tactics to steal your private information. ESET NOD32 Antivirus is the most effective protection available today to defend against a vastly increasing number of Internet and email threats.

Highlights :

ThreatSense Scanning Engine – Real-time protection against a full range of attacks.
Antispyware – Protect yourself from malicious programs trying to track your online activities.
Removable Media Security – Ensure that all files stored on USBs and CDs, especially those launched automatically, don’t pose a threat.
Anti-Stealth Technology – Block others from gaining control of your computer by detecting and removing rootkits.
SysInspector and SysRescue – Simplify system diagnostics and emergency recovery with innovative integrated tools.

ESET is giving ESET NOD32 Antivirus 180 Days free for Spanish users.Go Promo page and Fill the form with your name and email (Use Translator)

VISIT HERE spanish ip also is needed

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i didn't find any reliable spanish proxies (too slow or dead) to grab the license :(


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MRF71 said:
Does anyone know of a good proxy site?
I have used auto hide ip but in the spanish it shows only for 30 days...I have used auto hide ip crack..I dont know whether i can post the links here!


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first this is a website for Spain proxy:
second this promo has ended.and the thread is repetitive.please close the threat.


This giveaway is no longer valid. I have tried using the ISP of Spain (ONO) and it points to the normal eset site.

Will try later using another ISP and some VPNs to verify.
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