Updates FS Protection PC 17.8 BETA 1


Level 11
Nov 4, 2011
Release 17.8 beta 1 (4.30.2646):
Fixed issues:
  • Protection statistics counter increase after product expired (PBL-4825)
  • Acrobat Reader installation runs slow and require reboot (PBL-4840)
  • Changed text for DeepGuard detections title (PBL-5113)
  • SAFE 17.6 continuously reports malfunction (PBL-5134)
  • Restart is not required after the upgrade if .net installed (PBL-5333)
  • Several ".NET not installed" windows appear when you click several times (PBL-5438)
  • Settings button on received message opens wrong page (PBL-5461)
  • Settings Support tab is not shown (PBL-5462)
  • Tabs height in Settings has been changed (PBL-5469)
  • Text: Last year must be changed to Last 12 months (PBL-5481)
  • Different formats on scan report (PBL-5525)
  • Remove flyer run executable action (PBL-5557)
  • Tupas authentication with S-Pankki login is failing when Banking Protection is active (PBL-5565, PBL-4434)
  • Internet Security - Typo in Swedish localization (PBL-5568)
  • Upgrade loops in "Waiting restart" state (PBL-5570)


Level 11
Nov 4, 2011
Release 17.8 beta 2 (4.30.3102):
Improved manual scanning window (Scan Wizard):
This beta introduces the new Scan Wizard that offers better support for various display scaling settings and multi-display setups, while retaining the functionality and look-and-feel of the previous Scan Wizard. With the new Scan Wizard, it is also possible to have multiple manual scanning tasks ongoing at the same time (except for multiple parallel scans in the "system scan" phase).
Known limitations of the new Scan Wizard (these will be addressed in future beta releases):
  • Manual scans are not recorded in the Event history ("View recent events").
  • Manual scans do not run properly in situations when the scanning engines are being updated.
Dark blue theme
F-Secure has changed the brand color from cyan to dark blue. The new color is now used also for the fs protection theme.
Fixed issues:
  • Internet Security renewal subscription text updated (PBL-5683)
  • Product upgrade is very slow (PBL-5786)
  • Subscription key in settings should be selectable (PBL-5790)
  • About dialog links don't follow the style (PBL-5821)


Level 11
Nov 4, 2011
Release 17.8 beta 3 (4.30.3636):
Fixed issues:
  • Support tool only collects partial logs when not enough disk space (PBL-5888)
  • "F-Secure SAS" button from main user interface of Tools tab will open wrong webpage. Changed redirect on F-Secure side. (SAFE_BUG-02887)
  • My PC is getting regularly full (SAFE_BUG-02886)
  • Scan wizard: "Cleaning is almost complete" text wrong color (PBL-5858)
  • Scan Wizard crashes if malware found (PBL-5863)
  • Net scan wizard: "Cleaning is almost complete" text not centered (PBL-5844)
  • Scan report creation fails if file with this name exists (PBL-5843)
  • Net scan wizard: Quarantine list not updated automatically (PBL-5834)
  • Scan wizard opens always at top left corner of screen (PBL-5832)
  • Scan started before signatures are installed (PBL-5831)
  • Scan wizard: "Open last scanning report" fails if cleaning skipped (PBL-5830)
  • Scan wizard: Tab navigation through infection cards not working (PBL-5813)
  • Scan wizard uses way too much CPU (PBL-5622)


Level 11
Nov 4, 2011
Release 17.8 beta 4 (4.30.4151)

New app and file control dialog:
New App and file control dialog has been added to the product. In this beta it can be opened only from product Settings. The main user interface still opens the old App and file control dialog. We will fully switch to new dialog in a future beta release.
Fixed issues:
  • Scan Wizard crashes in 10-20 seconds after stopping by user (SAFE_BUG-02893, PBL-5932)
  • A window shows fs protection is not functional, please restart the computer (SAFE_BUG-02888, PBL-5903)
  • Right-click scanning does not remove found threats (SAFE_BUG-02861, PBL-5848)
  • Upgrade fails (PBL-5787)


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Jul 27, 2015
One thing I really enjoy with F-Secure and extra much the TOTAL suite, is the possibility to actually choose what part/module I want to install. That automatic makes it much less bloated and I think many other vendors/product could and should do the same.
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Pat MacKnife

Level 11
Jul 14, 2015
Will see if they manage to deliver the stable version 17.8 before the end of this year or not.
Will you let us know when version 17.8 is available ? because i have a 1 year license for F-secure Safe ( giveaway till Nov 2020 ) and not using it right now.....
I have tested F-secure safe for about a week , but i had the feeling it slowed down webpages (because of f-secure browser extension ???) or pieces missing on webpages.


Level 14
Oct 13, 2019
I'm using F secure that my ISP provides (for free) and have to say it's one of the best performance products I have ever used!!! it's like nothing is installed!!!

That's how it is for me too. It's right up there compared to ESET in terms of lightness on my machines.

It's worth mentioning that a few users have perceived some web browsing latency/lag, most likely from their web browser filtering plugin. I've personally not noticed this but be on the lookout for it.