FS Protection PC 18.0 releases (beta)

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  1. Developer is currently beta testing this product.


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Dec 30, 2017
Release 18.0 beta 1 (4.50.1511):
New features:

New Main UI:
Main UI is done with .NET technology and only consumes resources when open.​
Action Center ("Messages") component is merged into Main UI. There is no longer the option to view messages in tray icon.​
Main UI has tasks for the user to solve and if an important task is added, the main UI opens automatically. User can also dismiss some tasks if they feel that they are not important.​
Recent events are shown in Main UI. They change based on the subview you are on, e.g. Virus Protection view shows recent events related to it.​
Full support for high resolutions, resizing, accessibility features.​
When time limit has been reached the user will be locked out of the session after 60 seconds.​
Screenshot 2020-12-07 153502.jpg
New Time Limits lock UI:
Time Limits lock UI is done with .NET technology.​
Fixed issues:

Scheduled scanning time does not take effect if changed and then Settings immediately closed (PBL-7231)​

Known issues with the new Main UI:

Event details do not open from the "Recent events" list (PBL-7533)​
Help has not been updated to cover the new Main UI​
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Oct 13, 2019
Hmm I'm glad it works better with HiDPI screens and uses .NET but I think the new UI's usability is worse than the old UI. I wasn't in love with the old UI, but this one wastes a lot of space on graphics that don't perform any function. Hiding all of the functions other than safe browsing / scan / family rules behind a hamburger menu just means more clicks to get to the same actions as before.

Luckily this is just beta 1 but hopefully based off feedback they reconsider.


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Jul 27, 2015
Personal, yes and no on the new UI ( user interface ), but as for now it's still a Beta version. Not all graphic changes that Beta is using today and has for a pretty long time, also been switched over to the stable version. For example the main icon. Good decision IMO. I recall very well when member @Lord Ami showed me the Betas icon version last year. Maybe some people also remember the odd transparent Ultralight Anti-Virus :
All Beta changes does not transfer into the stable products, but some parts of this new UI still sounds interesting and might very well be good enough.
The amount of events changes based on how many fit to the screen. If you resize to have more space, more events will be added. Events are also context sensitive, so "Viruses and Threats" page show events related to it only.


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Dec 30, 2017
Release 18.0 beta 2 (4.50.1819):
Fixed issues:

Upgrade from 17.9 loops waiting for the restart (PBL-7564)​
Language code resets in upgrade (PBL-7443)​
Cancelled Add time window remains on Desktop after log in (PBL-7542)​
After upgrade from 17.8 some scanning events in Event History have greyed out "View report" link (PBL-7435)​
Links on Viruses and Threats view not working (PBL-7615, SAFE_BUG-03182)​
Main UI recent events show inconsistent date format (PBL-7610)​
"min" texts on Time Limits extend dialog not localized (PBL-7628, SAFE_BUG-03192)​
Main ui: remained today time does not update instantly (PBL-7482)​
Extension enabled but main UI does not reflect on the change (PBL-7578)​
main ui: in the side menu, the user name is cut when it's very long (PBL-7608)​
Chrome extension wrongly reported as enabled (PBL-7616)​
Scheduled Scan start time at PM saved as AM with 12h clock (PBL-7439)​
Sometimes when hovering entries under menu - tooltip is visible with 'placeholder' of localization (PBL-7622, SAFE_BUG-03186)​

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Jan 27, 2019
If even PART of this horrible UI makes it to the final version, I won't be using it.

F-Secure needs to do better than this.

Currently, using the new Kaspersky, and this isn't gonna make me want to go back to F-Secure.

Lord Ami

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Sep 14, 2014

Release 18.0 beta 3 (4.50.2813):

Fixed issues:

  • "Add time" window does not disappear after reconnecting to the machine (PBL-7667)
  • Main UI: events have different visual indentation depending on the amount of digits in the date (PBL-7646)
  • Recent events list items should truncate long text (PBL-7655)
  • SAFE_BUG-03185: Main UI: Don't show the "All is OK card" (PBL-7621)
  • Main UI: when hovering over the the Family Rules card, the mouse cursor does not change (PBL-7690)
  • Browsing & Banking feature card: Stop nagging when Browsing Protection is disabled (PBL-71058)
  • Main UI: only one event is shown when the window is maximized (PBL-7367)
  • Remove "OAS off", "DB Old/very old" and "Malfunction" flyers because a smart tasks exists for these conditions (PBL-7731)
  • Main UI: Subscription view counters are hard to read (PBL-7732)
  • Running 2 system scans at the same time produces misleading results (PBL-7741, SAFE_BUG-03224)
  • Chinese/Japanese font rendering issues (PBL-7586, SAFE_BUG-03101, SAFE_BUG-03175)