Video Gdata Total Security 2020 | Antivirus program has two German's hearts !

Warball Communauty

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Feb 20, 2020
Hello :)

Gdata is an antivirus of German origin.
Very popular, it has been making a name for several years.
Formerly with Bitdefender and Avast, Gdata developed the CloseGap engine of their own in 2013.
For 2020, Gdata launches BEAST, a behavioural detection technology via IA Machine Learning and various anti-ransomware shields.
Gdata's memory weight has also been reduced, Gdata is known to be heavy, the software seems lighter.
Detection level, we recognize its 2 engines which are very good!
Gdata passes the test without any problem!
On the other hand, its anti-phishing is very light and has not evolved despite the extension...
Another point, the interface is old-fashioned, it hasn't changed for 6 years...
And last point, Gdata is very long to remove infections in Malware Pack.
Gdata is an antivirus that has evolved over time, offering a very effective protection!