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So as a small introduction, my name is Julio. I currently am from the state of Florida, I am a college student working as a self-employed Computer Repair Technician. I also do reviews of malware products but I'm pretty new at doing video reviews. I know how to take apart a pc to set up a server and remove malware infections from systems. If you guys would like too, please check out my youtube page at Cyber-A-Hunters, please feel free to leave any comments about any of the videos posted on there, like I said I am pretty new at doing video reviews. Also any feedback is definitely welcome, one of my viewers actually recommended me to check out this forum and i hope you guys and gals can welcome me with open arms. :)


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Humm a fellow Fla. boy ;)
I was born in northern Fla. Orange County to be exact. I have Lived and Played all over the Sunshine state.
My Sr. Year My father and I moved to Charlotte NC. I claim Charlotte as my home because of the beauty there,
but at heart I will forever be a Fla. boy.
Welcome to my home away from home, make yourself comfortable and complete your profile and config to share with us. :)
Thank you guys so much! I actually just finished filling in most of my profile on here so you guys are welcome to check it out. :) I've actually only been out of state recently due to hurricane Irma so I really wish maybe one day I can actually travel to other states and see what they all offer.
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