Level 4
i just looked and what i see is in advance settings you have rules and zones i believe you would set it to policy mode
for your setup but not really sure.This mode is not intended for prolonged use. We recommend that you disable Interactive mode once you have established a set of rules for use in your environment. Use caution when choosing Interactive mode in a corporate environment because inattentive users can accidentally create rules that might expose them to risk or hinder their ability to communicate over the network.

Policy-based mode — Policy-based mode for advanced users. Network communication is handled according to user-defined rules that permit only desired and secure connections. All other unspecified connections will be blocked by the firewall. We recommend that you only select Policy-based mode if you are an administrator who intends to control network communication and you know which applications should be allowed or denied.
hope it helps
venustus is right about that either mode will give alerts
sorry about double post early in florida my bad