Question How do you pick a security product? Which independent testers do you trust, and why?

Adrian Ścibor

Apr 9, 2018
I change my methods all the time but a big fan of the @Adrian Ścibor approach to testing.

Would love to see more performance and reliability scoring but recommendations are the best really.

That means a lot. Thank you!
In that case, I can share that we are preparing a new comparison - different type than Advanced In The Wild Malware Test.


Level 8
Oct 2, 2020
I don't chose my AV based on tests but rather how they perform on my system and how I like using them.
I still like to follow AV tests and like AV-Comparatives the most. I especially wait their results from their Enhanced Real-World test for protection and Performance and False Positive tests for usability.

EDIT: I also like The PC Security Channel on Youtube.


Level 5
Jul 26, 2015
Yeah - That is a good question...

In the IT specially in the business field - I get feedback from my collogues (B2B) and from experience they gather. Like lots of things in IT Infrastructure or Security Products in general are build on "Trust" - Company, Cost and Feedback - The other part logical implementation and if the product makes sense for the business - what I also look at is knowledge transfer / from and to IT Experts. (Company to Admin and Admin to Company)

For me this Community is a go to for gaining knowledge and how certain things work. In the other side I use Business Contacts to exchange information and the Security Company Forums to gain more...

For Private Use - I use MalwareTips Community to build my opinion for my home security and add my two cents in the mix :)

ATM I use a Netgear XR1000 DumaOS ver. 3 with Netgear Armor (Bitdefender Total Security) and Netgear Armor for PC Endpoint Agent.

Best regards