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Hi, I'm from
Age group
21 - 29
Last known PC infection
Recently in the past 12 months
Fav. Web Browser
Internet Explorer (Legacy)
Fav. Mobile OS
Fav. Desktop OS
Fav. Antivirus
nod32, mse/windows defender, 360ts (current)
Fav. Videogame
ps: suikoden 2, final fantasy 8 ; pc: most rts/turn-based strategy

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Dec 4, 2013
Hello @sonylxn. Your good writing has translated your English quite well;;) and thanks to our fellow member friends, I can now post on your introduction which I had missed before.:confused:
Happily,:) it's never too late to express a very warm welcome to you for joining this community we share that is wonderfully yours.:D
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