It seems it leans in that direction to me. Click the "get a quick assessment".

They are listed in virustotal (another grand site that google has worked hard to wreck by including sketchy companies)

They will apparently scan your system, and report the results in 3 categories. 1) malware prevention 2) web protection 3) web filtering
I scored 3 failed out of 10. yet, they didn't direct me to any sites to evaluate my web filtering or protection? I never left their site. so how the heck can they evaluate that?

and it says 3 failed under malware protection. one test apparently was a zip file. yet, the test didn't download any zip file onto my system for my antivirus to evaluate. soooooo????

I could go on, but it all seems pretty sketchy. I can't see how they evaluated my system without directing me to sites, and without downloading zips files. do they present a website to my computer with a link to the zip and other malicious sites, and are seeing if my antivirus is following those links (without me clicking them)? dunno. input?

Lastly, then after the test, and within the summary, they give me the option to "receive advice from experts". this seems to be a paid service. so they fake alarm me that my system security sucks, then they try to sell me a remedy? and google endorses them, lol.

Am I reading this right? let me know your thoughts.

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