Need Advice Is K7 TotalSecurity worth it ?

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Nov 25, 2014
I'm trying on a old laptop K7 total security. It is incredibly light even with 9 processes.
My laptop comes alive, much more lighter than F-Secure.
I can found one year at 11 € (E bay).
I don't need a "total bullet proof protection", only a mormal one.
Is it worth ? What do you thing about it. I read good and bad opinions about it.
Thank you for your help.


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Dec 4, 2014
By the way, if anyone else is interested, this is the link I purchased K7 from, which didn't a VPN to activate it. But maybe it depends on what seller fulfils the order.
You can login to Amazon India using the same account details you use for your local Amazon account. But you will need to add a random Indian delivery address in order to be able to purchase it, or it will show as being unavailable to purchase. If you buy products with email delivery of the license, nothing ever gets sent to the address.

ForgottenSeer 89360

Okay so what I saw is:
  • Extremely fast installation comparable to F-Secure and Webroot, only one click.
  • Decent web protection
  • Evidence of good behavioural blocking (Carniovre)
  • Not a poor set of features and settings
  • System feels responsive
  • Good PUP detection
  • Very quick scans
  • Static scan's effectiveness not great, even on a week-old malware
  • Almost non-existent scripts protection
Performance hit during a scan:
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Dec 27, 2014
Yes, but it will most likely slow down the computer more than K7 or F-Secure.
Pro's, (including those also mentioned before):
+Super lightweight (boot time on my about 4y old machine, with i5 7200U, 128 GB SSD - where is Win 10 x64, Steam, some other software installed + 1 TB HDD, 48,3 MB of RAM usage according to Task Manager)
+System is super responsive (no lags, as with QuickHeal, which also is very lightweight actually)
+hourly updates (even autoupgrades to new product version, seldom requires reboot), instantly checks for updates once connected to internet
+cheap on eBay (bought mine 3y/1pc for $15.99 in Nov 2020), there are now 2y/1PC lic now, at $17.99), no country restriction (I think, I activated multiple purchases from that seller in Germany on different machines, w/o VPN)
+quite configurable
+second-smallest version (K7 Total Security) has all features one could need
+nice and understandable UI
+quite decent BB (but see Con's)
+integrated Firewall which isn't common at all today (but see Con's)
+"Data Locker" feature (write-protection against services not included in whitelist, for certain folders, adjustable right to user's needs) - but see Con's
+fast scans
+decent web protection without the need for an extension

-English only (if that is of concern)
-you need to train "Data Locker" feature, it blocked 90% of my applications when they tried accessing protected folders (by default pictures and documents), "Smart Analysis" did not help so much; actually I disabled it for better protection against ransomware
-Firewall autotrusts system processes, and also some signed malware; once a decision is taken, it will not alert again
-Ransomware Protection isn't bulletproof yet (especially they didn't manage to block #Netwalker yet, however this RW is a common weakness of AVs)
-scriptor protection is still lacking
-"System Monitor" seems to not work in Realtime (I had scriptors setting AutoRuns, and the request to decide whether that's ok or not (and to successfully remove it then) came minutes later, maybe on access of that path?)
-in the first hours, signature detection is not even close to Kaspersky & Co., however when a malware is detected by more aggressive Gateway (=Endpoint) solution, the same signatures will be part of K7 (consumer) lateron

All in all, I can suggest that software.
Don't forget to have regular backups, and bundle it with free AppCheck AntiRansomware to further improve the (actually good but not perfect) Ransomware protection if needed.

Here is quite a bunch of custom settings I applied for K7 HUB testing.
Enable Worm Blocking, Scan outgoing eMails
also Scan Memory, Tracking Cookies, Unwanted Registry Entries, Unwanted Files
System Monitor:
Custom Level of Protection (actually all boxes are activated by default or because of "High" setting used before)
Always Prompt if a new Software is installed when changes are found
Do not automatically allow signed files / recognized by the System Monitor
Ask for outbound connections of non-whitelisted apps
Intrusion Rules: Activate also SMB Exploit Detection 1, HTTP Server Exploit Detection 1 and FTP Server Exploit Detection 1

Data Locker (custom setting not applied in previous tests):
Do not use SmartAnalysis to discover Trusted Applications
Trusted by Data Locker before setting turned off:
C:\Windows\system32\PickerHost.exe (=Snipping Tool to create screenshots)
C:\Windows\system32\SnippingTool.exe (=Snipping Tool to create screenshots)
C:\ProgramFiles\SoftMaker Office 2021\TextMaker.exe
C:\ProgramFiles\SoftMaker Office 2021\PlanMaker.exe
C:\ProgramFiles\SoftMaker Office 2021\Presentations.exe

Additional folders: C://: Videos, Music, Desktop: TCP_PE_AR_2o; D://: Bait

Data Locker by default protects Pictures and Documents against writing performances by processes not whitelisted as above.


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Aug 4, 2016
One thing that may be of interest as I also installed K7 & remember from before is if you use a VPN you may get a slowdown if 'Enable Deep Network Monitor' Is enabled (Default) - In my case I lose around 100 meg if enabled - Of course it can be disabled but that's personal choice and if it's a problem.


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