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Hi everyone!! :)

Welcome to the thread of my new project, my own Anti-Phishing software, that I'm writing during these days.
This project is intended to be useful for all, it is a portable application; and it is written in Java language.
JM Anti-Phishing is a work-in-progress software, and when the stable version will be finished, I'll obviously share it with you!
Here are some screenshots of JM Anti-Phishing (New UI):

View attachment 76022

View attachment 76023

View attachment 76024

JM Anti-Phishing - the future without malicious links.

Comments are always welcomed. Thank you all! :)

Key Features:

  • Block most recent phishing/malicious links (Percentage of detection limited)
  • Databases used: PhishTank, CLEAN-MX and M1 Anti-Phishing (Thanks to @Malware1 ). :)
  • Fast scan (1 or 2 minutes)
  • "Clear" button, which can clean link input box
  • "Scan with VirusTotal" button
  • Software avalaible in portable version
NOTE: Java is required to execute it, I hope in the future will not as now.

  • Submitting malicious links system with users' dedicated database online
  • Different languages
  • Higher percentage of detection
Download 0.9.8 BETA Version (Extract the .rar archive, then run the .bat file contained in the extracted folder; NOTE: run the .bat file into the folder!).

Download 0.9.8 BETA Version (Java not required, launch the .exe file contained in the downloaded folder) --->> Made by @TheSuperGeek

To paste the URL in the box, just press Ctrl+V buttons ;)


Well, the languages avalaible in the future versions of JM Anti-Phishing will be:
JM Anti-Phishing Beta icon:

View attachment 72185





UPDATE 06.09.2015 - JM Anti-Phishing 0.9.1 Beta RELEASED!

UPDATE 07.09.2015 - JM Anti-Phishing 0.9.2 Beta RELEASED!

UPDATE 08.09.2015 - JM Anti-Phishing 0.9.3 Beta RELEASED!

UPDATE 10.09.2015 - JM Anti-Phishing 0.9.4 Beta RELEASED!

UPDATE 11.09.2015 - JM Anti-Phishing 0.9.5 Beta RELEASED!

UPDATE 14.09.2015 - JM Anti-Phishing 0.9.6 Beta RELEASED!

UPDATE 05.10.2015 - JM Anti-Phishing 0.9.7 Beta RELEASED!

UPDATE 06.11.2015 - JM Anti-Phishing 0.9.8 Beta RELEASED!

UPDATE 24.11.2015 - JM Anti-Phishing 0.9.8 Beta (Newer version) RELEASED!
I'm going to give it a try :)
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UPDATE 19.12.2015 - JM Anti-Phishing 0.9.9 Stable Version Released!

Hi everyone :)

I can announce that from today is avalaible the first Stable Version of JM Anti-Phishing!
There are plenty of news, but first of all, I want to thank you all the translators for their work:

In the new version there are avalaible different languages, but there are also other important updates:

What's new?
  • The first stable version is here!
  • Higher percentage of detection
  • Scan process much faster
  • Some important graphic adjustments
  • It now checks updates automatically much faster
  • Multi-Language support
  • Languages avalaible: English, Spanish, French, Polish, German and Slovak

Here are some screenshots:


You can download the latest version (0.9.9) from here: Download It Now!

I want to sincerely say a big thank you also to all the beta testers!!!

The name of the translators were added on the website! :) Thank you all! :)

JM Safe

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I could not get VirusTotal button to function the first time I ran it with browser open, rebooted the system, ran it again and it worked. Permissions issues maybe?
Hi @Rishi , I suggest you to run the VirusTotal button with the browser closed, anyway sometimes it doesn't work properly, it is a known issue, but perhaps it is a problem connected to the Java Virtual Machine. I don't think it is a permission issue, anyway try always with the browser closed. Thanks for feedback ;)


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No offense but this program is totally useless as:

1. The scan takes ages.
2. I can't imagine anyone pasting each link and scanning it. People who heard about this program certainly know what's phishing and don't need to check links with a tool.
3. The idea with creating multiple program versions for each language is actually funny. I don't know Java but you certainly had some problems with developing multi-language support (what else would lead to such a choice?). Why don't you ask somebody for help?

Some suggestions:
1. Ditch Java.
2. Ditch the whole external phishing database scanning idea. Rely on my suspicious link feature list and try to analyze source pages (a non-paypal site isn't going to have PayPal's copyright info) to get a decent detection rate.
3. My tool should set an example for you. I don't mind if you copy it. Maybe it's not so effective, but it's more stable and polished (why does your app let the user scan empty links and claim they're malicious? There is some room for improvement).
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4. What is your real motive behind that? Do you want people to treat you like somebody important? I'm pretty sure you're young, at least it seems so based on your posts. Focus on school, not program development. :) I don't want to discourage you, but you got more important things to do at the moment.

Any comment on this forum it is appreciable except those involving personal motivations.
How do you judge the work of our members and tell them what they should do ?
Are you jealous !?
Your reasons are not helpful to anyone and are you here to bring solutions or create unnecessary problems ??
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Any comment on this forum it is appreciable except those involving personal motivations.
How do you judge the work of our members and tell them what they should do ?
Are you jealous !?
Your reasons are not helpful to anyone and are you here to bring solutions or create unnecessary problems ??
There's nothing offensive in that post.

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@Malware1: I think that the point number 4 is totally out of place.Is nature of this forum to analyze and review all kinds of software, but to say :

****Edit: The original comment was edited, so I see no sense to keep it here****

It is unfortunate. Nobody asked you to do a psychological profile of @Jo Man. You know I respect you, but I can not understand why you wrote it. You think "There's nothing offensive in that post". But I believe that yes, it is offensive. It's certainly not a sign of constructive and respectful spirit that we all enjoy here, in MT
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