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Apr 16, 2017
While playing some with Windows Sandbox and see some pros & perhaps more cons, I stumbled across Kasm online streaming container service. Personal account $5/mo. Has anyone used this? and if so, any consensus good or not so good in terms of security and privacy. Seems like it is being used by various well known entities. I'm using it even as I type this. It does seem to work, the connections shows that it is using different ip than mine, and I think but not sure that the connection to their server is encrypted, but not sure, it does seem to isolate my win10. Nothing to install, unless you want to use your own server. I just open my browser, and connect to Kasm, which then lets me open the browser of my choice from their system, and surf. Not sure I see a downside unless they are logging my every keystroke. If they are I guess they know my pw for MT. :rolleyes: When you logout, it is all erased, supposedly with your system safe, and surfing anomymous. I'd to understand it security and privacy better. For $5/mo you get 100 hours of time on their server. Not much of a slowdown, and in some ways seems better than trying to use Windows Sandbox. Thoughts welcome.

Edit update: I disconnected from kasm for awhile, & before I logged back into kasm, I connected win10 with vpn, then connected to kasm, opened its browser which put connection thru their vpn (oracle cloud) and no slow down, streamed a video ok.
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