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KRD not performing system scan
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made nws bootable FDD
I have tried to make a new Yumi FDD, I have formatted the old multiboot and made a new one with just KRD, this time it was responsive and performed a scan; however I think it just scanned the booted partition and not my C:\ since the partition size is about 100MB it cant be my HDD, here are some screens:



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Try use your keyboards " Print Screen " key if you like, and paste the screenshot into Paint or any other image tool of your own choice
it was made with phone since I could not save pictures under that boot, I normally use good quality captures :)

is Your system in C:\ encrypted with BitLocker or any other tool?
not that I know, I run OSA and Emsisoft with SH but after boot they should not kick in

Always use USB-HDD method, for compatibility reasons.
ty, I'll try this and update you

I had found this but doesnt provide a real answer.


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You can take screenshots easily once You are in KRD2018 GUI, there is an option if I remember correctly...

The main operating system is in the hibernation mode....