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Glad to be a part of this awesome giveaway. Shared on Twitter.
Here's what I believe can make MT 2017 even more awesome:
  1. A DEVELOPERS section
  2. Option to SHARE posts (if not any post, then the main post eg. the 1st post of a news). This can help spread MT knowledge to more no. of people. Maybe get more members for MT too.
  3. Scrollable 'Latest Replies' and 'Latest Threads' (say 7-10 entries)
  4. LOGO Refresh + A smaller MT header on Homepage (desktop+mobile view)
  5. A UI refresh. The UX from current theme and layout is already spectacular.
  6. Notification count on Browser tab :)
  7. Improved search (+1)
  8. Clicking on a conversation (with no unread count) also should bring the latest page
  9. New section for websites/services (+1)
  10. Sectioned war-room (+1)
  11. Remove addition of profile post likes from the global counter
  12. Minimum requirement to enter giveaway (+1)
  1. Rename 'Malware Vault' somehow to include 'TEST' keyword for newbies to get idea
  2. COMPARISON TABLE for AVs (+1)
  3. Enhanced co-ordination for MalwareHub testing (for each month-cycles). This will help create comparison tables for past months.
  1. In Personal details --> along with the option to select one's AV (eg. Kaspersky) from the drop-down list, user can have an option to add some quick string example "VDS". Hence, the profile card of users (shown beside one's posts) will show "Main Protection: Kaspersky + _VDS_" instead of just showing "AV: Kaspersky" (Indeed, profiles include details of RT s/w etc but many use an AV + extra primary protection like a lockdown s/w. This, if shown in profile cards in short, will be more intuitive to other users rather than just showing AV)
  2. DELETE post (within 15/30 sec, providing reason) (+1)

Thanks @Exterminator @Jack @BoraMurdar @Spawn @Umbra for smooth sustenance of this platform. Sorry I couldn't resist mentioning this wonderful team for the same!
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