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What would you like to see and or changed on MalwareTips in 2017 ?
I'm on this forum recently, here is a huge knowledge base about programs and threats. If the troubles are many people who are willing to help, MT is everything the average user needs, and nothing else needed. Atmosphere assistance and friendship which reigns here is great. Thank you to all users MT :)


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What would you like to see and or changed on MalwareTips in 2017 ?
  • Sub forum for VPN's and privacy
  • Malware hub statistics, to check how good or how bad your AV did for the last week/month/...
  • I also like the AV chart idea, where we can compare their functions
  • Poll section where you can make polls for everything
  • More giveaways if all possible
Thanks for the giveaway! :)


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What would you like to see and or changed on MalwareTips in 2017 ?
First of all, all the ideas provided till now are great. But i personally some -

  • ChatBox (+1)
  • Minimum requirement for entering giveaway - 10 or 20 posts (not more than this)
  • Animated emojis (+1, if supported)
  • Sectioned war-room (+1)
  • Personal giveaway or License exchange (+1, if possible)
  • Delete post within a specific time limit - 30 sec (very helpful with duplicate posts or accidental posts)
  • More giveaways (+1, as usual)
Thanks a lot for this giveaway.


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What would you like to see and or changed on MalwareTips in 2017 ?
  • some changes in the giveaway actions rules. Limitation for new users of our forum. For example: numbers of messages, level etc.
  • removing action of fake accounts
  • time to collect the license from giveaway must be reduced
  • add thread about best network hardware, how to create effective and secure network configuration
  • add thread about something like calendar of IT events in Europe (but not sure)


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Hi, thanks for this giveway !

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My ideas for Malwatips 2017 :
* Add a chatroom or an official IRC chanel for discussing with members of MT
* Add some colorful themes (like the theme we have be default but in orange, red, green...)
* Have a separated section between mobile (IOS/Android) and Windows
* Maybe make a new section about Websites/online services

Bye ;)


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3.Changes that I want in Malwaretips.
First of all I would like to Thank Malwaretips for their wonderful contribution in helping people to understand more about various Technologies, Softwares and all. Kudos to moderators for their unbiased reviews an opinions.The few suggestions from my side is:
-Requirement of a Live Chat Box So that members can interact directly and get replies soon.
-I would be glad if there is a separate section that includes Reviews about Laptops (Gadget Review).
-More articles and reviews in Gaming Section.
-Guide to Buy Pc's and Laptops for different budgets.
-More Giveaways.

Thank You.
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What would you like to see and or changed on MalwareTips in 2017 ?

1) Option to use signature (I know its slowing down the speed of the forum,but it can be very nice)
2) More tweaked settings for Max/important protection in "Security apps" section,some of them for old versions and not updated..
3) Live chat can be nice option for quick questions/general stuff talking and etc.. ,but in the other hand it will may reduce the activity in some of the forum's.
4)Add subforum of skins/tweaks/icons ~ like rainmeter and etc to "Desktop Customization and Artwork" section
& members can also share their setup's of desktop - screenshots.
5)The av chart is great idea,can make a big general one of all the forum..(+1)
6)Maybe some 2017 fresh new design.

All of the great idea's already noticed before..In the subtotal line,I think it's the best forum for security and protection stuffs..
The knowledge here is limitless,and except the learning there giveaway's are awesome and great part of this forum.
Keep the good job :)
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