Which one will you use as second opinion malware scanner?

  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    Votes: 56 67.5%
  • HitmanPro

    Votes: 36 43.4%
  • Zemana Anti-Malware

    Votes: 30 36.1%
  • Kaspersky TDS Killer Anti-Malware Uility

    Votes: 6 7.2%
  • HerdProtect Anti-Malware Scanner

    Votes: 14 16.9%
  • Total voters
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Level 3
My Picks for top 2nd opinion malware software are:
1) HitmanPro Alert 3.0
2) Zemana Antimalware
3) Panda Cloud Cleaner
5) HouseCall Launcher by Trend Micro


Level 3
My list looks like this:
1 > Zemana Anti-Malware
2 > HitmanPro
3 > Dr.WEB CureIt
4 > Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
5 > RogueKiller
Like your list ,except my only concern is number 3 > Dr. WEB CureIt because I've tried that product before and deleted important files and found several files which were considered false positives, otherwise good list...;)


Level 23
My Pick for 2nd Opinion Scanner:
1) Zemana Anti-Malware Premium
2) Hitman Pro
3) Emsisoft Emergency Kit

MBAM Pro (in trial) looks good but I just don't like it slow scans. Other than that, it's pretty neat.


Level 19
Here are the list of Second Opinion Malware Scanners (Latest version)

1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: Free Anti-Malware & Internet Security Software
2. HitmanPro: HitmanPro 3 - SurfRight
3. Zemana Anti-Malware: Zemana AntiMalware Premium - Block online threats before the infections take place.
4. Kaspersky TDS Killer Anti-Malware Uility: Utilities
5. HerdProtect Anti-Malware Scanner: herdProtect - Anti-Malware Multiscanning Platform in the Cloud

Is there is anything I can remove or add to the list? Give me the review, advantages and disadvantages of each product on the list include any product you want to add to the list. Which product from the list will you use and Why? you may choose more than one product from list.
Here are some additional, reliable anti-malware toolkits:
Apart from their scanners, each one of these two toolkits also offers a set of tools/utilities (e.g. Killswitch by CCE, command-line scanner by EEK) which facilitate the diagnosis, identification and removal of an infection. (these tools are intended for advanced or experienced users, however)


Level 8
my pick:
1. zemana AM
2. Mcafee stinger
3. Adware Cleaner

EEK used to be my second opinion on demand scanner, however due to its signature size, I must abandon it.

King Alpha

Level 25
Content Creator
Here's mine:
1) Zemana Anti-Malware
2) HitmanPro
3) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
4) Emsisoft Emergency Kit
5) herdProtect


New Member
1) Emsisoft Emergency Kit

2) AdwCleaner

3) Malwarebytes Anti Malware

4) ESET Online Scanner

5) Zemana Anti Malware

6) Norton Power Eraser

7) Kaspersky TDSSKiller


Level 2
What is the point of posting ours "Second Opinion Malware Scanners"?

We just spining in circle with the same (more or less) 5 products!


Level 20
I vote Hitman Pro because it has better malware detection of malwarebytes and a fast scan. For adware malwarebytes and adwcleaner


Level 73
Malware Hunter
Have only just started using Zemana Anti-Malware but from what I see of it I like it. Other than those I do use and have used Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes Anti-malware. Everyone will recommend like I will Malwarebytes, but all the suggestions that I have said are just as good.


Level 2
Zemana free because of the portable version and Emsisoft emergency kit. no need to install another security tool besides AV. Also HitmanPro is very good but not free (that's an important point for basic and poor users like us...or some of us :eek:).
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