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Nice idea !

In fact everybody should find an avatar that correspond to him, based on a penguin if possiple:)
linux avatar - Recherche Google

For @Logethica, with all the interesting articles he posts every day, I think this one could be fun :

Trying to spread a Penguin infection I see, don't make me call animal control :p


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Penguins are aliensssssss!!! :D:D:D

BTW, Great config @Logethica. Is ZoneAlarm light on system? I might try it on my laptop very soon. :)
Haha :D....or maybe when DardiM's Bat-suit is in the laundry he wears a Green Lantern costume instead.:rolleyes:
Thanks @King Mellow :) I find ZoneAlarm to be light on my system.
It may be worth asking @_CyberGhosT_ about ZoneAlarm too, as it did not play well on his system..so it may depend on whether you use your machine for gaming perhaps..I am not sure.
Great, now I have to call Men In Black lol
:D.. If they do answer your call then try to persuade Will Smith to do another season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air..:)
You have got beautiful eyes :cool:

@Logethica, your security config is "more" than very nice, but you may better protect your thread :'(
:D... That Green penguin does not look like a penguin to trust :p
Protecting my thread is more difficult.. Perhaps an MT sister-forum called Threadtips would be a good idea :D
(I don't mind,It's fun:))



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Good config bro. Good luck ;)
I just wonder why did you put ZoneAlarm Free Firewall? Are you sure this one is the best firewall in terms of protection? Thank you :)
Thanks @Rebsat :)
I think that there are very few choices for Firewalls..
I like to use a separate AV & Firewall rather than a security suite as I don't like to rely on one product,because If that one product fails/crashes then my defences are compromised too easily..
Bearing this in mind,I was left with only a few choices of an "Independent" firewall..
These choices (after ruling out products that are no longer in active development) are..
Comodo / ZoneAlarm / Windows built-in / Windows built-in + extra control software..
I block many M$ services.This is due to my disagreeing with their excessive data-collection & also that they slow the system down..
I would not trust an M$ service to block another M$ service, so that ruled out my using Windows built-in Firewall.
This left me with a straight choice between Comodo & ZoneAlarm.
I once tried to Install Comodo but when I tried it said that it was not compatible with my system:confused:
I have also read many complaints on MT regarding unfixed Comodo bugs..
So I chose ZoneAlarm ... I have used it for 4 years now and It has never been breached,and I have never experienced any negative issues with it in that time.:)


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Can you check if Avast SafeZone browser has the identical browsing history as your default browser, Google Chrome?
I have just checked SafeZone and the browsing history is empty,whereas my chrome history has 26 items in it.:)
That was only the second time that I had opened SafeZone browser since I installed it.
My chrome is always run through sandboxie,not sure if that would make a difference to the SafeZone history...
plus I have not synced my chrome bookmarks to Safezone.

Nooo! Not the flashy stick thingy!!:p:p:p
You leave my flashy stick thingy out of this :D


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Finally Installed the W10 Anniversary Update- (my last OS update was 2 months ago,which is the longest I have ever left it)
Luckily there were no major problems,but I did end up uninstalling & reinstalling Avast! as it had an issue with its background services not running correctly..:rolleyes:
In anticipation of my needing to reconfigure my M$ telemetry/services blocklist to counteract AU changes,I performed a fresh reinstallation of ZoneAlarm Firewall..
I did not however need to kill any additional M$ services (other than a few that are related to Windows Defender)
I was surprised by this,and (also to my surprise) the M$ metro apps that I had removed were not reinstalled during the AU.:)
In conjunction with my M$ blocks I updated to O&O ShutUP10 v.1.4.1383 (which is still awesome,& in active development)..
I selected every option that ShutUp10 offers except for the disabling of "App Notifications" because they are vital when using SpyShelter.

I also updated my VoodooShield Pro BETA from 3.30 to 3.36 (I normally install every new Beta ,but I wanted to leave it until after I had installed the AU)

Avast! SafeZone Browser -(which was my back-up to Chrome)
Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit BETA - (I had run this Beta for a long time,and used it when I wanted to perform thorough Rootkit-specific scanning...but I finally decided to let go :oops:)

Vivaldi Browser - I decided to replace SafeZone with Vivaldi.. I will now have to decide whether to use Chrome or Vivaldi as my primary browser :confused: I played with it for a while and am liking it :)
I imported all of my Chrome Bookmarks to Vivaldi,as well as adding all of my Chrome extensions to it.:)

My free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has been upgraded to the Premium version.
Thank you very much to a generous MT friend for this :):):)
I am running it in realtime alongside both Avast & Crystal Security,and I am happy to report that everything is great..
no conflicts,no slowdown,no memory drain...They are working together fantastically :p