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There was a Trojan virus on my computer and lots of PUP files. So I went and installed malware bytes and scanned my computer. After the scan had finished there was around 80 programs or files that I didn't want on my computer so I removed them all and restarted my computer. When it had loaded up I saw that I wasn't connected to the Internet even though my wireless adapted was in my computer. I tried updating to driver and troubleshooting the issue but nothing has worked. Then I looked at my proxy and dns settings and nothing changed. Finally I did a disk scan using the command prompt but nothing had worked.
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Don't know if of any use, but when I do scans, I quarantine stuff and then investigate exactly what the items are. If malicious, they get removed, if safe/false positive they get restored. It's simple and avoids deleting files that could be important. Just my two cents anyway:cool:


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Well sometimes the detection capabilities like MBAM will surely kill the possible malicious ones even it is just bind woth malicipus code that needs only to repair to store the legitimate ones. Care to post the scan log made.
I´d recommend using adwcleaner because some PUP damage internet and if your remove them directly it may interfere with your network (example: safeguard). I´m not from Removal assistance though, so don´t follow what I just said if you don´t want to. ;) Good luck in solving your problem.
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Open up Command Prompt > type in ' IPCONFIG /ALL '

That will tell you what's damaged. Reinstall the damaged component and you should be fine.

If all else fails, run Startup Repair.

You're welcome.