Level 23
Bug Fixes v7.2.4063 - 18th February 2019

  • Macrium Changed Block Tracker (MRCBT)
    CBT could fail to attach to volumes where the "System Volume Information" folder was compressed with NTFS compression. This has been resolved
  • Macrium Virtual Image Boot (viBoot)
    The viBoot backup functionality has been put back - viBoot can now take backups of its VMs again.
  • Backup Toast Notifications
    Duplicate toast notification when restoring have been removed.
    When running backups, the toast notifications will now always show the backup definition file name.
  • PowerShell
    PowerShell scripts running as scheduled tasks could hang after completion of a backup. This has been resolved.
    Note: Existing scripts do not need to change
  • Server Plus - Mailbox Restore
    • Mailbox Restore will no longer incorrectly report failures when restoring to multiple mailboxes at once.
    • If one message failed to restore then subsequent restores could cause a program exception. This has been resolved.
    • In rare cases, Mailbox Restore on Exchange 2016 would fail to restore messages with certain extended properties. This has been resolved.
    • On certain domain configurations, Mailbox Restore on Exchange 2016 would not always be able to restore to all mailboxes. This has been resolved.
    • PST file export for Exchange 2016 is now supported.

  • Server Plus - Exchange Backup
    Exchange backups can now handle backups of Databases and System volumes with different sector sizes.
    Exchange encrypted Incremental backups could incorrectly force a Full backup. This has been resolved.
  • Backup Logs
    Where consolidation/Retention rules are run before the start of a backup, the total time taken now includes the time taken for retention and consolidation.
    File And Folder email settings now include warnings and are positioned in the same log section as Image logs.
  • Various
    Various small bug fixes and changes to improve Macrium Reflect.