Operating System
Windows 10
Infection date and initial symptoms
Probably a long time ago, encountered about a month ago. Microphone muted itself after hours of using.
Current issues and symptoms
After first attempt to fix by taskkilling svchost.exe hosted by my Windows account, microphone stopped working completely. If it works, it is just for a minute or two and then it stops again. It rary does. Headset microphone doesn't work as well now.
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
1. multiple antiviruses - IOBIT Malware Fighter, Zemana anti malware, Malwarebytes, Microsoft Malware removal tool
2. erasing all data and reinstalling both operating systems multiple times, separately from each other from cd and Windows also from secret disc area with installation files
3. taskkilling svchost.exe with Microsoft account
4. buying headset - as mentioned before, its microphone doesn't work as much as integrated microphone
5. changing various settings
System logs
Yes, I've uploaded the FRST.txt logs
Yes, I've uploaded both FRST.txt and Addition.txt logs


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a month back I encountered my microphone is muting itself after a few hours of using. I tried a fix, which made it stop working completely. Full story: Microphone Not Working After Attempt to Fix Auto Muting

Apart from that, I tried reinstall both Linux and Windows - different versions. I also ran this fix Fix: Microphone keeps muting itself - Appuals.com to no avail. Actually, it made microphone work for like 2 minutes.

Sometimes, it works when booting (I set to hear this device on microphone). Also, I am pretty sure it is not device specific - the internal microphone doesn't work. Neither does headset microphone I bought two days ago and was able to test it on other devices.

I saw you fixed a similar issue here:Problem Solved - Microphone Auto-Mutes itself so I think you will probably know what to do with mine too? I couldn't follow the instructions there as some files are created specifically for that person and something might be outdated too.

Some speculation: The issue persists through reinstallation, but should not be hardware issue as the microphone on the headset doesn't work as well. Thus I think the virus or whatever is not stored on a disc or is part of the BIOS? It reminds me of programming gaming mouse - it should have some memory to remember what each key is binded for. May the virus be stored in internal microphone itself?
Or other possibility is google chrome, which would explain, why the issue is cross-platform too. Right after reinstallation, it seems to work a while. I didn't try another reinstallation to test this, but could something in chrome cause this? It is the only app, which is synchronized and used on both OS I use. There was an extension called Battleground of Eldwelm I always saw in IOBIT Unninstaller. I always removed it and it came back right after restart.

Thank you for reading and I will be glad for any help. I have worked on fixing this for 4 days now.


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When originally posting, it somehow didn't post information incl. my windows version etc. However, I found something interesting. When my laptop is openned in a different angle, microphone seems to always turn on till I change the angle again. I dunno if it is malware then. But the issue occured directly after I killed svchost.exe task from command prompt. Before that, microphone worked for hours before turning off, whereas now it just turns or for a minute if ever.
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