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Includes a statement from a Microsoft's spokesperson, it reads:
We believe browser data belongs to the customer and they have the right to decide what they should do with it. Like other browsers, Microsoft Edge offers people the opportunity to import data during setup.
Yeah but that statement isn't new so I got confused why it's posted again.

Anyway I hope that the statement is now enough against the Reddit nonsense, but I guess it's not.. at least not in Reddit itself.


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And another one:
If you simply go through the first-experience process as intended, you are given the option to disable data import. Users aren’t supposed to end the Microsoft Edge process using Task Manager and break the first-run experience prematurely.
Final verdict: user error, long live the new Edge :D


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Edge updated to Version 83.0.478.58 (Official build) (64-bit).

I noticed lately that it is hanging when closing the browser or re-launching to update.
Maybe this new version solves that issue?
Version 83.0.478.58: June 30
Fixed various bugs and performance issues.
Had to check for updates twice the previous version, no such problems with this version.


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Microsoft today revealed when it plans to start rolling out the new Microsoft Edge browser for education and business PCs. Starting after July 30, these devices will begin to see the legacy Edge browser replaced by the newer, Chromium-based version. The transition will start with education PCs with a timeline for business PCs to come later.

"Beginning no earlier than July 30, 2020, Microsoft will update Microsoft Edge Legacy to the new Microsoft Edge browser by Windows Update on Windows 10 devices in education and business," Microsoft said in a blog post announcing its plans. "This update will not impact devices in education and business updated by Windows Update for Business (WUfB) or by Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). Updates will target education devices first to accommodate back-to-school timing. We will share a business timeline at a later date."


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Add Firefox like Downloads Menu to new Microsoft Edge with Extension:
New Microsoft Edge browser lacks the downloads menu, an extension named “TMDM- The Missing Download Menu” available on Edge Add-ons Store adds that and shows all the downloaded files in a menu.


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Try allow Cookies.
I use customised without any tabs displayed and don't see any problems
Cookies already allowed; just set to clear on exit. No change from allowing them to stay.

No, but I didn't have an update today... What's your version of Edge?

I'll have a look-see around the internet and see if anyone else has experienced it before.


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Maybe this new version solves that issue?
Edge updated for me today and completely 'broke' my new tab page. It looks like this now:

View attachment 243708
Top sites gone, all customisations/ability to customise gone.
Anyone else experiencing this issue? (I'm assuming it's a bug and not a really stupid design decision.)
I don't use top sites option but new tab customization is broken here, same as you.


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wow funny!

If I told you that my entire computer screen just got taken over by a new app that I’d never installed or asked for — it just magically appeared on my desktop, my taskbar, and preempted my next website launch — you’d probably tell me to run a virus scanner and stay away from shady websites, no?
But the insanely intrusive app I’m talking about isn’t a piece of ransomware. It’s Microsoft’s new Chromium Edge browser, which the company is now force-feeding users via an automatic update to Windows.

Seriously, when I restarted my Windows 10 desktop this week, an app I’d never asked for:
  1. Immediately launched itself
  2. Tried to convince me to migrate away from Chrome, giving me no discernible way to click away or say no
  3. Pinned itself to my desktop and taskbar
  4. Ignored my previous browser preference by asking me — the next time I launched a website — whether I was sure I wanted to use Chrome instead of Microsoft’s oh-so-humble recommendation.

some people got upset on twitter! must read: