Updates Microsoft Edge Stable (Chromium) Now Available for Download


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Apr 24, 2016
The security updates for Edge will not be published here anymore, but are now here
Old link:
New link:
Thanks Born's Tech and Windows World for that info.


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Sep 13, 2018
Well experiences seem to be a little divergent but not all that positive. Not getting unduly high cpu but webpages are taking longer to load viz Opera and things Edge-wise are taking longer to stop jittering around and calm down. I might try resetting Edge but will wait and see for a day or so.

So, it's staying secondary on here for the meantime. Not especially pleased with this update to tell you the truth.

edge cpu.png

Jan Willy

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Jul 5, 2019
Just tried opening a few tabs and it is definitely using more CPU than other browsers for me. Then I restarted my PC for something else and tried again, since I hadn't restarted since the update, and the usage is back down in the low single digits with 7 tabs open.
I can confirm your experience. After a system restart the CPU usage of MS Edge is as low as usual. I should have done this earlier.


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Sep 13, 2018
OK, here's the fix that worked for me with Edge's horrible delays in not only launch but webpage loading, immediately following the latest update. When I'm finished posting this, I am going to reward myself with a large chunk of Raspberry Danish.

While waiting for Edge to open, I noticed something in small text in the lower left corner about waiting to load a proxy. So, I went to Edge Settings, typed "proxy" in the search bar and then "open your computer's proxy settings." I then toggled the "automatically detect settings" radio button to "off"--it had been ON. Walla! Fast, fast, fast. Dism..../restorehealth made the initial opening of Edge super fast again also. Something was messed up on here for sure. Not sure if this would apply to anyone but it sure fixed things for me.

Also, during my attempts to fix Edge, I noticed that one cannot uninstall it anymore, either from Programs and Features or from Settings/Apps and Features. One can only "change" and "modify" it respectively, and I'm not sure what that actually does. The only thing I outwardly noticed was my desktop icons refreshing. Nothing else. Hmmm, probably this is pertaining to Insider build 19042.782 (Beta channel). So if it's currently not in place on released Windows, get ready for it coming up.

Edit to add a brief clip showing before and after with that proxy setting enabled and then disabled. Good, Edge is useable for me again. I don't have the patience for 2-3 seconds' worth of webpage loading anymore. I guess I'm spoiled now.

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