Q&A Most Dedicated VPN IP-addresses Are Not Anonymous


Level 32
Nov 10, 2017
Many VPN services advertise themselves as ideal tools to offer security, privacy, and anonymity. To ensure the latter, they often have no-logging policies to prevent individual users from being exposed. However, this is not necessarily true for the small group that use dedicated or static IP-addresses.

Millions of Internet users around the world use a VPN to protect their privacy online.

Another key benefit is that VPNs hide users’ true IP-address, making them more anonymous. This prevents third-party monitoring outfits from unwanted snooping.

Every year we ask VPN providers about their logging policies to confirm that they can’t connect a VPN IP-address to a specific user. In the past, we have seen that this is not always the case.

Today, most of the top providers pride themselves on their “no logging” policies. They go to extreme lengths to ensure that anonymity is taken seriously, and some have hired third-party auditors to back up this claim.

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