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What I am most interested about
Learning curve (Ease of Use)
Graphical User Interface
Exclusive Features & Functionality


Level 23
Can I ask what these mean
(till zeusc4)
I am thinking that the top 10 nomination results will probably reflect the final poll results
Probably, but we'll see what products they'll choose when the final poll choices are limited for the Best Free Antivirus .
The first page of this thread is setting off Google Safe Browsing in Chrome.

"Google Safe Browsing recently detected malware on Websites that are normally safe are sometimes infected with malware. The malicious content comes from, a known malware distributor."

Sr. Normal

Look what happened to me when trying to go to page 1 of this thread
It reads:
The site you are about to access contains malware

Current Site attackers could try to install dangerous software on your computer to steal or delete your information (eg , photos, passwords, messages and credit cards) .
Submit to Google automatically information about possible security incidents. Privacy Policy
I do not think so , but do you know why?
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