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If you are afraid (or sad) that NextDNS blocks all telemetry (what delivers undesired effects) I refer to a tweet from NextDNS. They talk about abusive telemetry.
Introducing Native Tracking Protection: block system-level trackers and abusive telemetry from Xiaomi, Huawei, Windows and others. Those can't be blocked by browser privacy extensions.
And see for details: new privacy feature: native tracking protection · nextdns/metadata@336240a
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I'm currently trying Adguard Home with NextDNS as upstream resolver. Looking very good so far. I only activate the security features on NextDNS and let AdGuard Home do the filtering job for easier management.
Because of this setup I can cut down my filters on uBO by approximately up to 75%. I don't know if it's just a placebo effect but now my browsers feel lighter/snappier and page loading feels even more faster than before.


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I am using NextDNS since last month and I find it a good alternative for Adguard on android without any battery expense. I use it on my desktop too and in one month I could barely reach near 100,000. If you use Firefox or any other browser with adblocker support then you won't need Adguard or Blokada for your mobile. On other browsers it will block ads but you will be missing cosmetic filtering of Adguard.


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Anyone tried out "NextDNS for Windows" from your user account: NextDNS
NextDNS for Windows
Encrypted DNS, covers all networks automatically (including public Wi-Fi), bypasses censorship, Hardened Privacy mode and more.

1. Download the installer here.
2. After installing, right-click on NextDNS icon in the Systray then open the Settings. Set your ID as Configuration ID.
3. Right-click on NextDNS icon in the Systray, then click on Enable.


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Correct but account is free by default until 300k queries/ month which no normal person ever reach.
Well if you connect all your family members devices( which i have, 1 desktop pc, two laptops, 4 mobile phone ) to one account you will generate more than 300k. Last month i have crossed the limit and i paid them 2 dollars ( just to support them). This month i have installed Mikrotik hAP Ac router ( which supports DOH) and it has DNS cache functionality. This has reduce my dns query numbers dramatically. This month with all my family devices i may not cross 100K.


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@JoyousBudweiser Are there any limits to the number of devices using one account?

Did NextDNS take the payment automatically?
No. you can use unlimited number of devices. You can create unlimited number of configurations in one account itself and separate log for each device. I paid through my visa credit card. I am not sure about automatic recurring payments. i only paid them once. If you don't want to pay you can create an account for each device and can reduce the number of queries per month with in the free limit.
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