Q&A OSArmor - Worth Keeping the Freeware Version?


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Jul 3, 2017
I know this has been discussed before concerning OSArmor moving to shareware and the merit of paying for updates.

Putting that aside, does anyone or everyone agree that even keeping the freeware version will still serve a purpose, and provide some added protection to WD(ConfigDefHIGH) + Simple Windows Hardening?
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Apr 17, 2020
I thought about it and have moved on sadly. Testing out just using WD with the ConfigureDefender and VS. I do admit that even nowadays using Norton or McAfee is lighter on the system, BUT my boot up time paid the price and surprisingly with the latest incarnation of WD it is not heavy on resources or lagging my system AND I boot up faster on Windows 10 with it over a third party AV!


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Sep 13, 2018
It's been over 7 weeks since the developer of OSArmor announced an updated version but since then, nothing has actually materialized. So why should anyone hang around waiting and waiting? No way!

I would not use an outdated security software even though it's currently free. We've had over 2 major Windows versions but OSA hasn't been updated in over 1 1/2 years.

Tweaked Defender, whitelisted some more stuff in CFA and using some components of Hard_Configurator. Checked my uBlock Origin filter lists and applied all available updates to OS, browsers and Defender.

I'm interested in whatever comes out and will take a look but not holding my breath.


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Jul 3, 2015
I haven't checked out OSArmor in a while but I assume that most mitigations still work despite windows updates. It might be missing a few "chinks" in the armour, though, since malware has continued its development, and the armor has not. But it will happen. When Andreas says he will do something, he always does it, just not as soon as some might hope.