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Level 19
It's light and so far I didn't encountered any incompatibilities between DA and the rest of my config.
Unfortunately there is not much to post regarding DA's interface as it is still only simple console:

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You are saying lucky man....probably the last one deep armor granted access to the beta program. I also did a request but got an email from them that the beta program was winding down and they would happily accept new business beta testers , if I knew any. Just my dumb luck. I really envy you ;) great setup you got there mate!


Level 25
Updated: Windows to Fall Creators Update
Removed: VoodooShield, HeimdalPro
Added: Emsisoft Emergency Kit

I decided to go further relying only on Windows built-in security features (WFW, WD, Anti-Exploit) tweaked where possible.
Probably I will add VS when v4 hits stable phase.
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