Level 9
Panda Global Protection 2015 Beta security solutuions released few days ago .

New Interface (metro style)

New features and improvements:
New interface
: easy-to-use interface, making it much easier than ever.
Much smaller local signature files. Nothing to do with traditional solutions.
All in cloud, not on your PC.
Developed from scratch to achieve 0% impact on system performance.
New heuristics-based protection to catch new malware without needing to know it first.
New signature cache for offline virus detection.
Proven efficiency: Over 5 million users can’t be wrong.
"Cloud inside": New architecture based on Panda’s cloud.
New PC Tuneup module. Keep your computer clean and tidy. You won't see the difference, but you will notice it.
Data Shield: Control access to sensitive data. Protect your confidential documents.
Parental Control. Give your kids the freedom they need with the protection you demand.
New smart firewall - Protect your Wi-Fi from intrusions and attacks.
Rescue Kit. Boot infected PCs in safe mode and disinfect them.

Website: http://www.pandasecurity.com/promotions/betatest/


Level 9
Panda Global Protection 2015 Beta 2
New features:
- Available in 20 languages (support from Beta Services is only available in English and Spanish).
- Fixed many bugs reported during the first phase of the beta.