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I am a new Bitwarden convert and love it. Free and multi device syncing too! Which Lastpass will not do unless you pay. I had been using Enpass but wanted something lighter that doesn't require a program running but just an extension. And Enpass has become a headache since it can only be installed and updated via the Microcrap store. ;)


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It has it's own fair share of vulnerabilities.
Fair enough.
But all of them are fixed

Try using KeePass XC. I have it as a backup on a veracrypt encrypted usb.
On Windows you get less security with KeePass XC in comparison to original KeePass

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KeePass isn't listed so i would say it's more secure then all other's ;)
The moment KeePass doesn't rely on any Cloud/Server is already more secure than all of the alternatives that rely on it, cause no matter how much safe practices and secure you are, there's nothing stopping the main Cloud/Server getting hacked and your data exposed (which is what happens often with this password managers).

You have way more control over your passwords with KeePass that way, and can choose whatever cloud services and/or addons you want, to sync across devices.