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Switched from LastPass (paid subscriber) to Sticky Password (lifetime subscription) to Bitwarden more than a year ago and have no regrets. I highly recommend it! :cool: I use the browser extension and the Android application. I might even upgrade my account to premium because of their newest update! However, the free version will get you every features you need from a good password manager.


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I use the portable version of KeePass on my PC, external hard drive and USB flash drive.

And i use Keepass2Android on my phone because it is compatible with the KeePass database.

I don't like all my passwords to be stored together on a server somewhere like with most password managers.

I want to keep them on my PC, external hard drive and USB flash drive.
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Does Bitwarden allow to keep your passwords only on your computer?
I'm not a Bitwarden user, but looking at their site it doesn't appear as a simple option to store in a local file like some other programs. They do suppport:

On-premise Hosting
- Easily deploy and host Bitwarden on-premise with no dependency on external cloud services.

Further details on how to install and deploy the on-premise hosting option are given here.