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Jan 27, 2012

ForgottenSeer 107474

It all depends on the fiber technology used.
with FTTH (fiber-to-the-home), you can use symmetrical fiber (which is what I have)
with FTTLA/FTTB (fiber to the building and then coaxial cable), uploads are much lower, given the DOCSIS system used.
With fiber I meant full fiber. I have fiber at home up into our utility cabinet/closet (FTTH), but not yet activated which means that I am technically on FTTB (fiber to the building) with the last meter on coax using a modem from my (TV) cable company (running DocSis 3). My wife does not want to go through the hassle of changing email for all her online accounts (she also used her private email from our ISP cable company). Price performance wise it is a nobrainer to switch to fibre.
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Jan 27, 2018
This afternoon tested from Ubiquity router: 543 dn / 24 up ISP Spectrum somewhere in Texas USA, so far no compelling reason to upgrade to 1000 mbps -- would require new modem.
Yup, you'll be fine, not sure why anyone needs 1000mbps anyways unless your downloading the Encyclopedia Britannica on a daily basis.;)


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May 12, 2023
dad :unsure: where are you? Can i use your internet?LandLord not savy on current times trying to help...Plus don't help when they don't understand you gotta spend to make money...i think my net is good given 20+ apt's in my building? yea or no...:ROFLMAO:
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Feb 7, 2023
Virgin Mobile still exists in your country? I had read that it was merging with o2 in the UK o_O

(In France, it hasn't existed since 2016)
They did merge, yes. There are additional benefits for people who use both — double mobile data and double broadband speed — but the O2 network still remains the worst. EE is way better. Vodafone comes close, specially after their UK core network fibre upgrades.

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