Battle ProtonVPN vs Windscribe. Not the Free plans!

ProtonVPN vs Windscribe, what vendors paid subscription/plan would You prefer?

  • ProtonVPN

    Votes: 30 68.2%
  • Windscribe

    Votes: 14 31.8%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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ProtonVPN vs WindscribeVPN
  1. Microsoft Windows
  2. Windows on Arm (Qualcomm)

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Level 11
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Mar 25, 2021
I voted for Windscribe. In my opinion, both companies appear transparent (but obviously, we can't just take their word for it and we can't really fully prove everything they said either).

Windscribe and Proton have basically the same speed for me, so that's also a tie for me.

However, what gave Windscribe the final point for me is that it is extremely customizable.

It has its own DNS filtering (Proton does have it, but not customizable) in the VPN, which you can tweak what to filter. Furthermore, there are also a lot of tweaks you can do to the connection (6 protocols compared to 3(?) from Proton, a lot of different port options, while Proton has none.) These options allowed Windscribe to do much better in restricted internet conditions.

For example, I went back to China recently and Proton was completely out of reach, however, Windscribe was able to work with its stealth protocol.

Windscribe for me (y)


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Jun 14, 2011
Their CEO has a sketchy past, really cant be trusted (Adult sites).
The company goes back on their word and again cannot be held accountable.
They have horrible customer service, honestly eff them for purposely doing a bad job.
Their VPN has TONs of freeloaders (lifetime pros) using bandwidth so it will always be slower vs non lifetime competitors imo.
Their unprofessional, have had servers sized.
The IPs are blacklisted, but they always rotate them out but you cannot 100% rely on it. Chat GPT regularlly banned with windscribe. Its also slow as hell did i mention? Use something other than wireguard and see how truely slow it is.
They have had servers sized that were unprotected, lol.
Speeds rubberband often, you can see this generally when browsing the web or youtube being slower to load in all assets; its just a slower VPN that even when you report to support they will always blame you or your isp. Reality is run 3-5 other VPNs and test them all at the same time, and you'll see its Windscribe at fault 9/10 times. The VPN is slow, i would position it as a low to med speed vpn and proton as a High speed vpn.
I can agree with the slow speeds - that's something I have mentioned in my post here.
However I strongly disagree with bad customer service part - I have had a opportunity to exchange a few emails with their cs and with Yegor himself and must say that they were extremely polite and helpful - however this is just my own experience so it might be not representative.
Anyway, if I had to choose just one VPN and had to stick to it for the rest of my life, then I would go for Mullvad :)

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